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eBay Says Ecommerce Can Help Fight Inequality


eBay logoeBay’s Director of Global Public Policy Hanne Melin Olbe published an essay about inequalities between citizens of the same country, which she said are becoming a greater political concern. However, “Technology is empowering entrepreneurs in more disadvantaged areas, in ways the traditional economy cannot.”

“eBay’s Public Policy Lab has studied the geographical distribution of net enterprise growth in the US, UK and Germany. It found that eBay supports business growth in places that the traditional economy does not serve very well.

“In disadvantaged regions, online platform connectivity can be a source of income and opportunity, where there might otherwise be none.

“Between 2010 to 2014, only 41% of US counties saw an increase in the number of traditional business establishments, according to the EIG. But nearly 75% of counties saw a net increase in their number of eBay-enabled firms (commercial sellers with at least 10 transactions worth a total of $10,000 annually). Similar results held true in the UK and Germany.”

Ecommerce platforms are transforming the playing field for micro and small enterprises providing them with global reach. And that makes them more resilient to local economic changes and less dependent on traditional conditions for growth, Olbe said.

“Our findings make us optimistic. We are convinced that a “shared future” is indeed possible. We already see it happening. Entrepreneurs can connect freely to the Internet, access global marketplaces, use international online payment services and tap into affordable connected delivery solutions.”

You can find the full post on the eBayMainStreet.com blog.

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2 thoughts on “eBay Says Ecommerce Can Help Fight Inequality”

  1. “…..inequalities between citizens of the same country, which she said are becoming a greater political concern…..”

    Would that be anything like Corporate CEO’s, Board Members, & Other “Entitled” Corporate Officers, that receive INSANE amounts of money, while TRASHING the company they represent, while they minimize the incomes of Ebay sellers?

    Is that the kind of inequalities she means?

  2. I read that less as “hey, look at this positive effect eBay is having” and more as expressing frustration that they still haven’t stomped the little guy to death yet.

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