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Etsy Reveals One of the Best Ways to Get Found in Search


Etsy logoEtsy told sellers one of the best ways to get found in search is to add all relevant attributes to listings, which can be category-specific. For example, in clothing  – add sizes for a garment, or in jewelry – add the the length of a chain for a necklace. eBay sellers know these as “item specifics.”

While the post in Seller Handbook appears under “New articles” and is dated December 11th, it’s repurposed from earlier this year – we found it in Google cache from March 17th. Nevertheless, it’s worth taking a look as a refresher.

Etsy said in addition to such descriptors, including color, sellers can also specify whether an item is related to a specific holiday, such as Christmas for holiday decorations, which is a particularly relevant example for this time of year.

Etsy also allows sellers to add information about an item’s value to those looking to purchase gifts for special occasions, such as the seller who has items that make good wedding presents.

Etsy uses this information to help shoppers find relevant items when they search, it explained.

The post in the Etsy Seller Handbook has much more in the way of advice for sellers, including how to select keywords and phrases for product descriptions and how to maximize tags. And it recommended sellers join one of two teams where sellers meet online to discuss search optimization. You can find the blog post on this page, complete with links.

The post is open to comments, where sellers began sharing their tips and their concerns in the spring.

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Ina Steiner
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2 thoughts on “Etsy Reveals One of the Best Ways to Get Found in Search”

  1. Starting in the late ’90s it used to be, that to get found at the top of search, and have a pleasing listing, you had to do a number of things well:

    ● Follow A Few Rules: Correct categories, well written titles with keywords.
    ● Some Suggestions: Good grammar, nice photos, pleasant HTML.
    ● Do Homework & Research: Answers to common questions.
    ● Don’t Break The Law: No keyword spamming, white on white, etc
    ● Clear and Concise Rules: Uncomplicated, not angry and shouting.
    Doing the above worked in most categories. Reliably near the top. Now you can do all these things that EXsy & Ebay have added, and never get near the top, if you even get found before the dreaded “page 250”.

    EXsy told sellers….. to add attributes to listings….. sizes for a garment….. , length of chain in jewelry….. , color related to a holiday like Christmas….., Plus specifics for Weddings, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvah, Hanukkah, and undoubtedly the ever important, “Man Cave Decorations”. They use the information to help shoppers find relevant items. DUH !

    These specifics can’t help ANY giver seller get found, unless they add THOUSANDS MORE specifics. You can’t overcome EXsy’s lack of categories. At EXsy, NO ONE will ever be RELIABLY successful in search again, until they add THOUSANDS more CATEGORIES. Skip the work, all you’ll get is PAGE 251 !

    If you’ve done testing, you know that for a variety of reasons, the old rules don’t work, at least for Antique, Vintage, Handmade. Trouble is, there aren’t any new rules that do work for sellers. The rules are for EXsy and Ebay, manipulate as they see fit. I post test auctions all the time, and can NOT get to the first page anymore, by following ALL OF THEIR RULES AND SUGGESTIONS.

    I TRULY find this topic sad. Exsy should be HUNG OUT TO DRY, for advising sellers on search. They cause HARD WORKING sellers more & more work, as the pull their hair out, to figure out why they have no sales, when the system is RIGGED and FEW WILL EVER SUCCEED. Trouble is, even Wall Street is OK with this behavior. Someone will get the sale for that beautiful, hand-hammered, sterling & 18kt gold mother’s bracelet, with all the diamond and emerald charms on it. For only 94.51SGD ($69.95 USD) + Free Shipping, in only 30 days from rainy, dreary Singapore, where workers like to stay inside and work long hours.

  2. The above bracelet (which I made up)
    will be available on Ali late Thursday for:
    70.00 USD / 10
    630.00 USD / 100
    5,600.00 USD / 1,000
    42,000.00 USD / 100,000
    Ask to speak to Jack. They’re eating Amazon’s breakfast.

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