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Stamps.com Launches a System Status Page


Stamps.comAnyone who has ever encountered problems printing shipping labels knows how stressful glitches and technical issues can be. Stamps.com launched a System Status page where users can turn to for answers about service disruptions. Customers can also subscribe to receive System Status updates via email, SMS text or an Atom/RSS feed.

Announcement follows:

Stamps.com is excited to announce the launch of our System Status page, located at http://status.stamps.com/. We built this page to provide you with real-time, 24/7 information on the status of Stamps.com servers and networks. If we experience an interruption in service, we will post a notice on the page and will continue to update the page as changes occur.

With this new page, you can find up-to-date information on:

– System status – Confirm service availability for the Stamps.com website, software and API services

– Outages and incidents – We’ll provide details and communication on any service outage

– Maintenance – Find information and updates about Stamps.com server maintenance and upgrades.

You can also subscribe to receive System Status updates via email, SMS text or an Atom/RSS feed.

SOURCE: Stamps.com Announcement

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One thought on “Stamps.com Launches a System Status Page”

  1. We have been with Stamps.com for the past 6 years. I can count on one hand the times that we couldn’t print a label. Unlike Ebay and Paypal there isn’t enough fingers in the US to count on.

    Stamps. Com is a smooth streamline no nonsense site that produces exactly what they say they will. Unlike Ebay or Paypal who like to make it harder and harder to get any information an all day job.

    Stamps will fess up to a problem immediately and will inform you days in advance if their service department is closed.

    I would think this status page is just an addition to an already smooth running site. Unlike Paypal or Ebay who continually complicate and move stuff around or just delete it.

    Ebay and Paypal could both take note on a site that is configured and runs the way it is supposed to, instead of the sloppy, shoddy web pages they present as new and unique.

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