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eBay Announces Fall Seller Update 2017


eBay logoeBay announced its Fall 2017 Seller Update this morning, and there is plenty of news for sellers to absorb. eBay is making several major policy changes, including changes to Returns. eBay sellers will once again find themselves editing their listings to comply with new requirements, from product identifier requirements for Refurbs and Used goods, to a ban on watermarks in images. We’re keeping track of it on the blogs, where you’re invited to leave your comments.

Announcement follows:

In the 2017 Fall Seller Update, we’re making changes to meet the demands of today’s marketplace and giving you more opportunities to increase your listings visibility on eBay.

Listing Visibility
Expose your listings to more eBay buyers with eBay Guaranteed Delivery, schedule markdown sale events with Promotions Manager, and engage buyers with Questions & Answers.

– In Fall 2017, eBay Guaranteed Delivery listings will be searchable for all buyers

– Launch multiple markdown campaigns with Promotions Manager in Seller Hub

– Create bundle and lot listings for extra exposure to buyers

– This October, Questions & Answers will be added to View Item pages

Policy Updates
Removal of off-eBay links, listings security, product identifier expansion, image guidelines, and eBay Catalog update.

– Reminder to remove off-eBay contact info and links

– In October 2017, convert HTTP content to HTTPS for a secure buying experience

– Effective October 19, 2017, product identifiers will be required for new or revised listings for Seller Refurbished condition and, in some categories, Used condition

– Effective March 1, 2018, eBay will prohibit watermarks on images and you should begin removing watermarks now to comply with the change

– Beginning in Spring 2018, new and existing listings will be matched to product entries in the eBay catalog

Display returns information in drop-downs, gain extra visibility for free returns, restocking fee update, and streamline returns with automatic acceptance.

– Display returns information in your listings’ Return Policy drop-downs only

– Get more exposure for listings that offer free 30-day returns

– Beginning this fall, refund up to 50% of the item price if the return is damaged or missing parts

– Starting in October, eBay will automatically accept a return request when the buyer pays for return shipping

– In 2018, restocking fees will no longer be available when you offer free returns

For more information:
Read the 2017 Fall Seller Update

Listen to subject matter experts on eBay Radio from 11 am – 2 pm PT on September 19, 2017

Find answers to your questions at the eBay Community Board

Learn about eBay’s seller vision in this blog post by Bob Kupbens, Vice President of Business-to-Consumer Selling

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.

SOURCE: eBay Announcement

NOTE: eBay had announced the UK version of the Seller Update earlier this morning, and readers are discussing those changes – particularly the changes eBay is making to returns, on our blog post about the changes:

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2 thoughts on “eBay Announces Fall Seller Update 2017”

  1. There are a lot of things that Ebay has done, to really Pi## me off, and I’m so flaming mad I can’t even address most of this CRAP. But this one item exhibits just exactly what Pig Business in the US is getting away with in their TOS’s

    – “Effective March 1, 2018, eBay will prohibit watermarks on images and you should begin removing watermarks now to comply with the change”

    Too bad for the poor slobs that thought they owned their own work. And added watermarks. And even conformed to the opacity and other rules. There goes a few MILLION hours of work. What about an image of an original artwork. NO WATERMARK??? OVER ORIGINAL ARTWORK ???, JEWELRY ???, POTTERY ???, ETC ??? What would Ebay say if someone infringed upon their latest and greatest patent, the one for feeling up fabric? (I invented a new device to remotely size condoms properly) Ebay would have court orders on you doorstep to protect their rights. We can all fight FOREVER about the PROS & CONS of watermarks, but the answer is that THE ARTIST GETS TO DECIDE. Not YOU, ME, OR EBAY.

    How do they even get away with this? The answer is of course in the TOS. Either agree, or get out of their sandbox. The LATTER is the BETTER choice, as 5% sodium hydroxide is in short supply, their sand is contaminated, and only a saturated solution would EVER come close to killing off the filth.

    You think this is a problem with EBAY??? I’ve said this before, and here it is again. If you are still signing medical and pharmaceutical agreements, you’d better either start reading them, or be really careful where you are doing business. They instituting TOS’s that give up your rights also. And while you’re at it, familiarize yourself with HIPAA forms, what you actually have to sign, and what you don’t. I HAVE NEVER met a nurse, or aide or medical staff member, that actually knew whether or not I could refuse to sign. NOT ONE! Every SINGLE one of them is wrong, and will tell you that you have to sign it to get medical care.

    Don’t think for one minute, that this kind of a TOS won’t be on the electronic pad that takes your CC information. Walmart does it, everyone follows. Think NOT? Well ask yourself, Who was it that stopped Ebay?

  2. 1) Ebay’s Markdown Manager replacement (Sale Event + Markdown) in the Promotions Manager is a disaster. It’s glitchy and you can’t add items to it after you launch the promotion like you used to be able to in Markdown Manager.

    2) Agree with BuildingMyOwnSite, the call on watermarks is awful for sellers that put the work into it.

    3) The crawler bot/algorithm to detect off site links is jacked-up too. It must be very sensitive, we’ve had several items “flagged” and been given automated notifications to remove when none of them actually contained any off site links. We did, however, have the word “email” in several of them so we’ve learned not to use that word anywhere in the listing.

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