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Etsy Sellers Adapt to New Coupon Tool


Etsy logoEtsy launched new sales and coupon tools, but sellers have been encountering problems. The tools became available to sellers on August 1st, and they’ll be able to preview how they look in their shops today (along with a subset of buyers). All buyers will be able to shop promotions on Etsy beginning August 22nd.

One concern about the way shoppers will be able to filter sale items came from some a seller who wrote, “I am all about Etsy making it easier for coupons and sales, but I am totally against the search functionality of letting customers view items by sale. It will be a deterrent to other shops who price fairly but don’t offer regular sales. What’s next – Kohls Cash coupons?”

Other sellers struggled with missing data and incomplete functionality. Etsy updated its announcement on August 3rd:

1) We are still working on getting old coupon data back onto the new sales and coupons dashboard. I’ll update on this thread as soon as it’s available.

2) We have just rolled out an update to the dashboard so that you can see the details of your sales and coupons after you’ve created the sale or coupon.

Yesterday Etsy posted another update, including the following information: “We’re still in the middle of resurfacing all old coupons and coupon performance data. We’ve updated your dashboards with recent coupons that were created in the last few months, but you don’t yet have coupons created for all time.”

You can find the announcement and comments from sellers who are having some issues with the new tools on this Seller Handbook post, and you can find updates from Etsy on this Announcement board thread.

Leave a comment below to describe the pros and cons of the new tools.

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One thought on “Etsy Sellers Adapt to New Coupon Tool”

  1. I just gave it a spin through and won’t be using it. For Etsy rankings, regular new inventory is essential. However, this is designed to not add any new items to sale after the sale starts. It is not dynamic but takes a snapshot of your store at the time you launch the sale and cannot add new or copied items. This makes it worthless for anything other than a 1 day flash sale. Etsy on Sale has nothing to worry about here.

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