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PostalVision 2020 to Host its 7th Annual Event

The PostalVision 2020 Initiative is hosting its seventh annual event this month where experts and executives will discuss postal issues. The event takes place on March 21-22, 2017, outside of Washington DC, here’s the company’s description of the event.

Feeling the force of change? 
Doesn’t it seem like nearly everything is changing in this new millennium? From climate, to culture, to communications, to consumerism – and how about politics? Hardly anything feels, sounds, or looks as it did just a few years ago! It’s unsettling – but exciting at the same time. Just imagine – the emerging “millennial” generation that is inventing this new age will soon be driving it – without their hands on the wheel!

How we communicate has shifted from mail to email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and text – by way of telephone, flip-phone, laptop, tablet, smartphone and soon by video. We now pay by cash, debit/credit-card, PayPal, smartcard, and Apple Pay and soon perhaps via Bitcoin. Fulfillment practices have shifted from centralized to regional warehousing; vehicle power sources from carbon-based to electric and solar; and delivery modality is moving from trucks and vans to autonomous vehicles, even to robots and drones.

Our trusty USPS letter carriers still deposit daily mail and parcels in our personal curbside mailboxes, but even this iconic universal practice may yield to neighborhood cluster-box delivery in the near future, or be replaced by homeowner-installed innovative multi-carrier smart-lockers outside their kitchen doors.

It’s “Business NOT As Usual!” 
All these dramatic changes are disrupting our postal ecosystem – but rather than misunderstand them, or worse, miss out on them – join us at PostalVision 2020/7.0 to embrace this dizzying rate of change and explore new ways of conducting “Business NOT As Usual!”

At PostalVision’s seventh annual open-forum style conference, we will explore new and inventive ways to do business across our value chain. We will hear from visionaries, academics, industry leaders, and inventors and discuss their ideas in a deliberately conversational setting. We will discover new approaches to generating profitable business transactions and examine successful new models all across the postal-parcel-logistics-delivery ecosystem.

Learn about new and alternative business models 
Beginning with a high level expert view of the “New Economy,” we will analyze revolutionary business models that are turning traditional ledgers upside down. We will learn what concepts such as “shared economy,” “crowd sourcing,” “asset-lite,” “block-chain,” “two-sided markets,” and “platforms,” may mean to our ecosystem.

We will analyze the transformational power of customer loyalty subscription plans like Amazon Prime, market responsive variable pricing applications like Uber’s surge pricing, and Jet’s (now Walmart’s) “smart basket” discounting technology. And we will consider how these and many other new data-driven economic models may inspire and influence the way we conduct business throughout the postal ecosystem in coming years.

Concerned about whether an online item is the right size? No worries – just order a couple garments to try on and send back the one you don’t want! With the advent of online shopping has come an unprecedented need for consumers to return unacceptable merchandise – leading to the emergence of a creative new reverse logistics industry. Learn how merchants can offer return service profitably.

Mailing models are transforming too. From “programmatic” direct mail born from a consumer’s predictive behavior, to digital experiences that follow the physical mailpiece, PostalVision will take a close look at how new business models are reaching consumers through an integrated digital/physical platform.

And there will be much more! Details about session content, presenters and panelists will be announced during the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Sponsorship and promotional opportunities are also available. For information contact John Sasso at jsasso@ursamajorassociates.com.

Link to agenda.

Source: PostalVision Blog Post

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