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eBay Shine Finalist Got a Leg Up with Ankle Supports

The eBay Shine Awards features three finalists up for recognition in the Global Business category. These sellers engage in international ecommerce, a challenging endeavor at best, and have excelled.

Sellers Schad VanLeeuwenNeha Gajwani, and Jalmar Araujo are the trio contending for honors. EcommerceBytes reached out to Flexibrace entrepreneur Araujo for further insights into his business.

“I’ve been selling at eBay since 2000,” Araujo said. “I imported 10 pairs of ankle supports, the model I used to play soccer in Brazil and could not find here in the USA.” After selling all but two pairs on eBay, Araujo ramped up his imports, now bringing in two tons of various supports to sell online.

The distance between him and eager international buyers proved challenging at first. “Most of them had no idea I was located in USA and, for example: a buyer from Australia placed an order, he / she was expecting the delivery within a few days. That was the major problem. I started then sending messages explaining delivery estimates, and that solved the issue.”

But some countries proved tougher to overcome due to other issues. “Some countries are just slow to process Customs entries,” he said. Priority Mail to Brazil was taking almost 45 days to fulfill, leading Araujo to exclude buyers there.

Delivery logistics and fulfillment time frames are likely the major concerns new international sellers will need to consider. “A lot of buyers have no idea of the seller’s location and expect the order to arrive within a few days,” he said, in recommending communicating this information with the customer. “That will diminish the chances of getting a case as Item Not Received.”

He also counseled patience for new international sellers. “Do not rush to conclusions if the buyer opens a case against you! Communicate first and you will have a great outcome, plus a return customer.”

Araujo’s path from starting up to growing to a multi-million dollar enterprise probably served as the main reason eBay gave him the nod as a Shine Award finalist. “They’ve read my story, compared my business practices with other sellers, and determined that being a finalist would give other sellers the opportunity to learn and put in practice some of my eBay actions: good feedback, great customer service and fast shipping.”

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