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Pitney Bowes Uses Cloud to Expand Ecommerce Services

The appeal of the ecommerce market has not been lost on global tech firm Pitney Bowes. Known about a century ago as a maker of postage stamping technology, the company just unveiled a cutting edge collection of services bundled under the brand Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud.

Company president and CEO Marc Lautenbach said in a statement, “Today, more than ever, shipping, mailing and payments are at the center of commerce.” He also noted, “We are reinventing our business by unlocking the vast potential of our digital commerce, shipping, mailing and payment capabilities via the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud and making it easier for our 1.5 million clients to identify, locate, communicate, ship and pay.”

It’s obviously not lost on the company that a history of postal mail association doesn’t offer the same potential earnings as digital services. Their new Commerce Cloud appears to aim for as much inclusiveness in ecommerce as possible, including small and medium sized businesses.

One service making its debut will be their shipping service, SendPro. It’s billed as an all-in-one option for someone to ship via FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service. SendPro starts at $15 per month for a single user license, with Pitney Bowes offering the first 90 days of use for free.

Pitney Bowes also discussed its Global Trade Solutions with EcommerceBytes, as another example of how they are supporting the small- and medium-sized business seller segment with advanced services. Ecommerce pros with international aspirations can use this to determine import duties for products to destination countries.

Sellers can also get single products or full product catalogs classified for global sales by Pitney Bowes professionals, or use the firm’s self service Rapid Classification toolto do so.

Pitney Bowes also discussed its Global Financial Services with EcommerceBytes; long time company observers will recall this business as Pitney Bowes Mailing Financial Services. They are looking well beyond the original mailing equipment leasing operations at the business’s roots.

“The cloud-based payments engine is designed to integrate with third party shipping and ecommerce platforms to deliver payments processing as part of a seamless digital experience that offers terms, a consolidated invoice and flexible payment options,” a company spokesperson said. “The Global Financial solutions provide businesses the flexibility to better manage their shipping spend by providing a consolidated view of shipments and costs and easily control their cash flow through credit terms, including the choice to pay now or later.”

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