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eBay Helps Customers Reclaim Email Addresses

eBay customers unable to create a new account because their email address has already been associated with an account can now reclaim their email addresses. It’s a situation eBay will address as part of their work on improving identity management. “Reclaimed Email” should help what eBay claims are some 20 percent of people trying to register accounts on the site, but are denied because their email address has already been used to open an account.

“As a part of the Identity Management initiative here at eBay, we are focused on improving the customer journey,” eBay told EcommerceBytes. “We want to remove friction for customers looking to buy and sell on the marketplace and will continue to make sure access is easy and secure. This is just the first step, as we have more coming throughout the year.”

EcommerceBytes asked if eBay might cite any particular customer success stories emanating from the Reclaimed Email feature but they declined, citing policy on not releasing seller information publicly.

We also asked about security related to reclaiming emails, as someone may erroneously or intentionally attempt to do so. eBay is cognizant of security concerns, saying, “We only allow reclaim of an email if the user can prove that they have access to it. Security for our users old or new, is very important.”

eBay does seem satisfied with the initial performance of email reclamation. “As this feature has been live for a very short time, we are not able to give out any specific numbers. So far customers are delighted that we are given them control over their own destiny and choices as to how to access eBay,” an eBay spokesperson said.

eBay said recently it would provide a multitude of additional methods for accessing eBay – and keeping accounts and information secure – over the course of the next twelve months.

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