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Square Offers Sellers New Facebook Marketing Tools

New tools from Square will provide merchants with a closer look at how social media performs at bringing customers to a store. It will start with one of the biggest networks as it adds Facebook Ad Integration to the program “to help you target customers on Facebook, get new customers in the door, and increase sales effectively at an affordable cost.”

The move shows Square continuing to branch out from its credit card acceptance and payment processing business into offering other competitive services. The most recent development focuses on expanding upon customer relationship management with its Customer Engagement program.

The service pairs Facebook advertising results with a business’s Square sales data to provide some extra insights into how that social media channel performs. Facebook may be keen on this integration too, as Square recently reported to shareholders its Q4 2015 gross payment volume reached $10.2 billion, indicating Square customers are attracting significant business.

Square plans to add other social media integration beyond Facebook soon, where businesses will be able to utilize Customer Engagement features to promote their products and services on those channels too.

For Square’s customers utilizing email marketing, the company will introduce a new Automated Campaign targeting one’s best customers. Those consumers will be invited to visit the business’s Yelp page, where ideally they will leave good reviews for other potential customers to find.

The new features will add to Square’s existing CRM tools that enable interaction with customers. Businesses can use Square Feedback to elicit post-sales commentary and Square Loyalty to provide rewards that can encourage customers to engage in valuable repeat sales.

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