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Etsy Invites Sellers to Post a Video to Appeal to Shoppers

Etsy is providing tools to help sellers upload videos featuring themselves as a way to make shoppers feel more comfortable buying from them. With Etsy’s new Shop video feature, you can upload a video about you and your Etsy Shop directly to your Shop About page from your computer or from the Sell on Etsy mobile app, the company explained on Tuesday.

“Our research tells us that 57% of buyers are willing to pay more for an item when they know who made it,” Etsy explains. “Giving buyers better insight into your story can help earn their trust and make them feel more confident about making a purchase from your shop. Many shoppers also enjoy learning about the creative entrepreneurs behind Etsy shops.”

Etsy also touted the videos as a way to convey information to mobile shoppers – it says 60% of its traffic comes from mobile. “Shop Videos enables Etsy sellers to better connect with those buyers on their mobile devices and share their stories in a highly visual, personal way.”

Dilani Kahawala, Senior Project Manager at Etsy, told EcommerceBytes that Etsy hosts the videos and said they can be viewed on any platform, whether in the Etsy app or through the web.

Is there an SEO benefit to sellers who upload a Shop video? Kahawala said uploading a Shop Video is completely voluntary and does not affect a shop’s search ranking.

We wondered, could a seller use a YouTube video instead? Kahawala said sellers can post videos wherever they find it benefits them, but to appear directly in their shop About page they would need to upload them through Etsy.com or the Sell on Etsy app.

To make it easier for sellers, Etsy built a video-editing tool for iOS users of the Sell on Etsy app that guides users through the process of making a short video from start to finish.

“Through this tool, sellers are able to film segments of video from their smartphones, add transitions and background music, and have the whole thing stitched together into a complete narrative,” Etsy explained in its announcement. “The five music tracks available in the tool were even written and performed by some of our very own talented Etsy employees.”

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