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Sellers Eye eBay Fall Update with Trepidation

We’re about a few short months away from eBay’s Fall Seller Update. What do you hope to finally see as a new feature? Could current features use some adjusting? Or are there features that you’d happily watch vanish from eBay forever?

The annual eBay Fall Seller Update, like this one from last year, aims to improve the site’s experience for the people who give buyers a reason to visit. Updates like end-to-end trackable international shipping provide a compelling reason to offer sales beyond one’s borders, for example, to find more customers and profits.

But only a month after eBay’s Spring Update announcement that brought an increased Reserve Price fee along with new auction fees like a surcharge for 1-day and 3-day listings, eBay seller discussions hold considerable trepidation regarding the next round of updates that will likely debut in August.

One discussion at the LinkedIn eBay Sellers – Official eBay Group took on the topic of what those participants might like to see in the Fall Update. One seller recommended a significant change to the feedback system.

“Protection for sellers, the inability for buyers to leave neutral or negative feedback without first contacting sellers to fix the problem, the inability for buyers to leave neutral or negative feedback when a seller addresses a problem,” commenter Susan Goldstein listed as desired changes. “The opportunity for sellers to have defects removed when they are clearly inaccurate the first time they call.”

Another seller called for the removal of the defects rating system (Detailed Seller Ratings), a hot topic among sellers. Bobbie Bushey described that system as “defective,” claiming it harms “dedicated, honest sellers.”

Sellers have also told EcommerceBytes directly of their discontent with the system. As one seller said, “One customer opened 2 claims: “I am sorry but I gave you guys the wrong address can you please re ship to the new one.” This was 2 defective orders eBay would not remove.”

Another commenter on LinkedIn proposed a direct method of delivering a Fall Update that might please eBay sellers the most. “A rollback of all previous Seller updates from the past 5+ years,” said Ted Breyere.

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