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Three Keys to Convert Apparel Shoppers

Depending on where your customers are today, the approaching start of spring in a couple of weeks may be a promise of relief from winter’s worst, or a mere afterthought for those in warmer climes. Either way, the time is coming where many people sort through their wardrobes and decide a trip online is the best place to fill up any empty drawers or hangers.

A recent look at these consumers by HookLogic in their study, “Online Browsing Behaviors of the Apparel Shopper,” provided some insights that may help apparel sellers, and their shoppers, enjoy a better experience.

Images matter here, as over 60 percent of apparel shoppers rated product images as a Top 3 purchasing influence.

Create a Sense of Urgency
One insight found more than 40 percent of apparel consumers don’t have a specific product in mind when they fire up their browsers and go shopping. This impulse behavior could make one’s site offers that create urgency, like limited time sales, more effective.

“Generally, they don’t consider apparel purchases more than a few weeks out, and begin thinking about their purchase at a maximum of a few days beforehand,” HookLogic said.

Send Reminders
But while some shoppers are impulsive, others may be more deliberate in their shopping behavior. HookLogic’s study said apparel consumers are 26 percent more likely to hold items in their shopping carts rather than purchasing immediately.

This makes remarketing efforts important. Online sellers who track these halted purchases should consider reaching out to those shoppers with an email or text reminder that their items are ready for checkout.

Help Browsers Comparison Shop
Lastly, the study finds apparel shoppers more likely to want to compare products while visiting a site. HookLogic found that while sites devoted to product categories like electronics tend to do comparison shopping well, it’s a less common feature on apparel sites despite consumers wanting such a capability available.

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