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Bing Provides Tips for Advertisers

The summer debut of Bing’s Auction Insights presented a new reporting feature to help advertisers understand how well (or less well) they were competing with others. That was available as a report showing how one ranked against up to twenty others based on impression share.

Bing has now made that information a little more accessible to advertisers. Starting with their US advertisers with global markets coming soon, the Bing Ads web interface now provides access to Auction Insights. This information becomes available through the web interface once someone’s campaign, ad group, or keyword meets a given threshold of activity.

Auction Insights gives a look at five statistics for ads. Impression share represents the number of times an ad is shown, divided by total available impressions. Average position shows where on a page the ad typically appeared.

Top of page rate is just what it sounds like – the percentage of time an ad spent at the top of a page. It’s the premium position, generally correlating with more clicks from visitors seeing that ad atop their search results.

Overlap rate and position about rate present a couple of interesting concepts regarding an ad and its competitors. Overlap rate tells how often a competitor ad shows up on the same page with the advertiser’s ad.

Position above rate tells how often a competitor ad appeared higher in the search results than the advertiser’s. It’s potentially a red flag advertisers want to address, as it could mean the advertiser is bidding low, or needs to improve their ad quality to get a better quality score and thus an improved ad rank.

While there is still time to gain good ad insights and improve one’s reach to those important holiday shoppers over the next few weeks, Bing Ads blogger Shelby Gagnon also reminded advertisers that the New Year can be very happy for them. Ecommerce pros whose niches focus on topics related to weight loss or fitness, a more organized environment, or just an enjoyable life, will want to focus some marketing effort on the brief New Year’s period.

Gagnon noted spending on resolution-related activities amounted to some $5.6 billion annually. But since a lot of those people won’t follow through on those resolutions, it’s important to capitalize on their shopping interest early.

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