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Using Google AdWords Tools to Manage Holiday Campaigns

Sellers of all sizes face a similar issue this holiday season that they did in 2013 – a late-falling Thanksgiving means a later Black Friday / Cyber Monday taking place, and fewer holiday shopping days overall. For online merchants managing a number of products and trying to reach more consumers through AdWords, Google reminded its customer base that AdWords has ways of managing lots of campaign tasks at once, in a smoother fashion.

Here’s a look at two features merchants can use to more easily manage their holiday ad campaigns.

End All Campaigns on Last Day of Guaranteed Holiday Delivery
Google wants to see its advertisers manage all of it more efficiently from the centralized hub of AdWords. In one example, Google has provided new tools for bulk setting and extension management.

Google previewed bulk editing earlier in 2014. Anyone running a number of holiday campaigns where they want them all to end at a given time, say at the end of the last day customers can order for guaranteed holiday delivery, should appreciate this feature.

Display Shipping Details and Return Policies via Sitelinks
Bulk editing should allow those broader advertisers to better target their holiday audiences with additional ad features. Sitelinks displayed below one’s ad text can be edited across a campaign. For example, those sitelinks can point to a site’s holiday shipping details or returns policy, and help inform a shopper of the customer service supporting the purchase they’re being enticed to make.

Advertisers who rely on the spreadsheet method to deliver bulk keyword and campaign updates to AdWords should see some quality improvements to that process. Among them, a preview tool allowing for the review of those bulk uploaded updates before they are posted to campaigns.

You can read more on the Inside AdWords blog.

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