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eBay Promotion Encourages Sellers to Upgrade their Stores

eBay is running a special promotion to encourage sellers to upgrade their eBay Stores, which come in three levels: Basic, Premium, and Anchor. The promotion offers sellers who upgrade their eBay Store by September 29 a discount of 25% off subscription fees for the first 3 months.

The advantage to eBay in offering the promotion is to get fixed monthly subscription fees, no matter how much the seller lists or sells. It’s important to note the promotion is by invitation only.

One seller who received the invitation to upgrade his store said, “Looks to me as if eBay needs more revenue and they are trying to get it by attempting to get sellers to upgrade their store levels.” He explained why he would not be taking advantage of the promotion:

“Had eBay not ratcheted up pressure on sellers, I might have taken advantage of this offer and bumped my store up one level as a test for the holidays. Too bad for eBay that their requirement for 90 day returns in order to qualify for the TRS discount during the holidays is driving me to reduce listing volume to the point I will be canceling my store subscription and listing significantly fewer items this season.”

He has pared down his listings, and said, “Basically, I will only be listing items which have a zero chance of being returned, since I am in business to sell items not rent them.”

We couldn’t find any other seller reaction to the promotion.

How It Works
Sellers normally pay $59.95/month for a Premium store. Sellers who upgrade from a Basic store to a Premium store will pay $44.96/month for the first three months, after which the monthly fee will revert back to the higher fee. Likewise, a Basic or Premium Stoer owner who upgrades to an Anchor level store will pay $149.96 for the first three months instead of the regular $199.95/month fee. (Basic Stores cost sellers $19.95/month.)

Here’s how eBay explains the limited-time promotion:

During the Promotion Period, invited sellers who sign up or upgrade their eBay Stores subscription, will get 25% off their subscription fees for the first 3 months from their subscription start date. The total value of the fee discount will be equivalent to 25% off first 3 months associated with the eBay Stores subscription level signed up for or upgraded to.

And here are the benefits eBay promises:

  • More free listings – up to 500 free per month;
  • FREE access to Selling Manager Pro – a $15.99 value;
  • Advanced traffic reports to help you sell more effectively.

Sellers who are invited to upgrade their Store must do so between September 19 – 29, 2014. The promotion does not apply to new eBay Stores subscribers.

It’s also important to note that sellers’ subscription will automatically renew unless they cancel their subscription the last day of their billing cycle (either September 30 or October 15th).

All other fees apply, see details and restrictions the eBay website.

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