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Bonanza Launches Store Platform for Online Sellers

Bonanza has launched Bonanza Webstores, a store-hosting platform deeply integrated with its online marketplace. It is charging a monthly $25 subscription fee for the service with no commission fees.

Bonanza founder and CEO Bill Harding told EcommerceBytes sales were up three times this year over last year. “Along with affiliates, we expect webstores to be a defining feature of our business moving forward.” (Last month, Bonanza launched an affiliate program.)

As with anything he does, Harding does things his own way. Not only does the site offer an importer from eBay and Amazon, it also help its members sell on eBay and Google – and store-hosting is no different. For example, in order to have a Bonanza Webstore, you must have a Bonanza “booth” on the marketplace.

The integration with Bonanza helps it keep things simple – all inventory and pricing on a Bonanza Webstore must be identical to inventory on the seller’s Bonanza booth.

While you won’t pay a commission on Webstore sales, it does means if you happen to get a sale on your Bonanza booth, you’ll pay a commission fee of 3.5% (see fees for selling on Bonanza.com).

According to the marketplace, a Bonanza booth provides the tools that allow sellers to add, edit, and remove items from their Webstore inventory – “If you don’t already have a booth, when you sign up for your webstore we’ll automatically create an empty booth for your webstore inventory.”

In its announcement to sellers, the company explained that selling on Bonanza can get sellers up and running quickly, “but as your business grows and you start to build a unique brand, getting a standalone website also becomes an attractive option.” Here are the benefits of a Bonanza Webstore compared to other options, the company told its sellers:

    • Integrated inventory. Your Webstore inventory is the same as your Bonanza inventory, so it’s all managed from one place: Bonanza. If something sells on your Webstore, it’s marked as sold on Bonanza, and vice versa. Your booth will draw visitors from Google, TheFind, Nextag, etc, while your webstore gives you an opportunity to build sales with no selling fees (more on that below).


  • Tools you already know and love. No need to learn another set of tools. Use our trusted (and highly recommended) seller tools to manage your Webstore inventory, communicate with customers, manage fulfillment, buy and print shipping labels, and whatever else you request of us.


  • The best of both worlds. There’s only so much time in your day. Bonanza’s dual threat marketplace + webstore means you have time left over for what you do best: creating great merchandise and building happier repeat buyers.

You don’t have to have your own domain name to set up a store – see Sophia Maria Jewelry, for example, but you can – as Harding’s own demo store StacheSafe.comshows.

“We built webstores because we think there’s an unnecessary chasm between those that want to sell on a marketplace (instant setup, instant sales) and those who want their own dedicated online presence (build your own brand, repeat customers, no sales commission),” Harding said. Stay tuned for more on his vision in our forthcoming interview with the CEO.

More information is available on the Bonanza Webstores help page and the Webstore FAQs.

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