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eBay Changes Emails Sent to Buyers and Sellers

Both eBay buyers and sellers have noticed big changes to the emails eBay sends them, and some of them called for eBay to bring back the old notices. They say by removing key information from the emails, eBay is making it take much longer for them to perform routine tasks.

Sales Notification Emails 
eBay changed some of the emails it sends to sellers. Among the information eBay removed: the buyer email address, the buyer User ID, the link to “contact buyer,” the link to “send invoice,” the link to “sell another item,” the “Quantity Sold,” and “Quantity Remaining.”

One seller opened up a report on Ecommerce EKG explaining the change to the sales notification emails, and writing, “They want us to ship quickly yet at every turn they make that more difficult.”

She followed up on the report, telling EcommerceBytes, “There used to be some blue words we could click on to Contact Buyer. That has disappeared too. Now we must click into the listing, then the sales history and then to contact buyer.”

Sellers also discussed the issue on the eBay discussion boards, such as, this threadtitled “Buyers email no longer on Sold Notifications,” and this one titled “Bring back the Old “Your Item Has Sold Email”! New Email Removes Number Sold, Send Invoice button.”

Another seller noted that eBay changed the “unsold items” emails. “The UNSOLD items now read: “UNFORTUNATELY your item did not sell. “Rub it in now, why dontcha, eBay!!!!”

Buyer “Saved Searches” Emails 
Sellers aren’t the only ones who have some issues with changes to eBay emails. Buyers say the new “Saved searches” emails leave much to be desired.

“The pics are almost unusable; the numbers are WAY off; and there is only a one or possibly two word description,” wrote one seller. She had set up several searches for similar items but with each one slightly different. Because eBay shortened the titles in the emails, she doesn’t know which one is which. “I don’t have TIME to sift thru all of these every day – which is why I did it this way in the FIRST place.”

eBay apparently didn’t inform buyers and sellers they’d be making these changes to its emails. One reader summed up his feelings writing, “Sooooo wish eBay would just leave what WORKS alone!!!!!”

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