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eBay UK Raises Fees for Casual Sellers of High-End Goods

eBay is raising fees for private sellers in the UK who sell higher-priced goods. UK requires businesses to register as business sellers, so those users who list casually (as non-businesses) are called “private” sellers.

Beginning September 2, 2014, eBay will raise the final value fee cap for private sellers from 75 pounds to 250 pounds. eBay explained, “This change will only impact listings with a sale price of 750 pounds and above (or 937.50 pounds and above for private sellers with a Basic Shop).”

Private sellers in the UK pay 10% final value fees for the total transaction cost (including shipping costs) if they don’t have an eBay store (“shop”) – they pay 8% if they do have a store subscription.

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To put it in perspective for casual sellers in the UK without a store, an item selling for 1,000 pounds (including shipping charges) currently incurs a final value fee of 75 pounds (the cap); with the new fee structure, the seller would pay 100 pounds, an increase of 33%.

An item selling for 2,000 pounds currently incurs a FVF of 75 pounds; with the new fees, the seller would pay 200 pounds, an increase of 167%.

An item selling for 2,500 pounds currently incurs a FVF of 75 pounds; with the new fees, the seller would pay 250 pounds (the new cap), an increase of 233%.

eBay explained the change does not apply to motors listings, property or classifieds. Business seller fees remain unchanged.

Read details of the fee change on the eBay UK announcement board, and the current fees for private sellers are found on this eBay UK page.

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