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eBay Seeks Holiday Prep Ideas but Finds Sellers Concerned About Refunds

Part of good customer service means listening to the people who help pay the bills, and it doesn’t matter about the size of the company. eBay falls at the larger end of that spectrum. Recently the company turned to the eBay Sellers – Official eBay Group on networking site LinkedIn to solicit some early holiday suggestions.

The eBay seller discussion on LinkedIn veered away from the ideas put forth by Audrey T., social marketing manager at eBay. Contributors to the conversation took issue with the optional 90-day holiday return period encouraged by eBay.

This policy, known to sellers as Extended Holiday Returns, means in order to receive Top Rated Seller discounts and seal, TRS sellers are required to permit returns through January 31st for purchases made during the period of November 1 to December 31.

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“I have good prices, but prices drop after Christmas on many items that I sell and I have a feeling that instead of returning the items in the condition they were sent (NEW) I would get a bunch of used products back saying they changed their mind and for Health & Beauty – Bath & Body, to me that is a huge concern,” wrote contributor Emily High.

Sellers who use PayPal to accept payments probably want to be aware of a potential issue with PayPal’s refund window being 60 days from purchase. “I got caught in a generous mood last Jan. and let a man return a $200 watch that he decided was just “too effeminate looking,”” contributor Pat Curry wrote. “I was not able to refund through PayPal returns and was not able to get any refunds on (eBay) fees at all because it was over 60 days old.”

Contributor Larry Phillips said the 60-day PayPal refund window can be extended. “About three or four months ago, I was talking to a rep and she indicated you can extend that time limit on refunds. I actually made mine 120 days, but she told me I could go even longer if I wanted,” he said.

It appears that one of the top preparations eBay sellers with Top Rated Status who accept payments through PayPal could make would be to verify the option of extending the refund window to match the Extended Holiday Returns period.

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