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More American Flyer Tips


If you have trouble with cars becoming uncoupled, you can adjust the coupler height so the weight is slightly above the rail when the car is on the track and the knuckle is closed.

This may occur due to the coupler weight hitting something in the center of the track, like a switch frog, or uneven track work.

Using a pair of long nose pliers, carefully bend the metal portion of the truck that leads to the coupler, as shown in the diagram.

The coupler bottom of the coupler weight should be 1/32′” above the track rail, when the coupler is in the closed position.

Be sure the coupler is square with rest of car.


How to run 2 trains on the same loop, and keep them from running into each other using an American Flyer Electric Track Trip or the RFG 1202 Electric Track Trip.

Two trains can be run on the same track by using an American Flyer Electric Track Trip or the RFG 1202 Electric Track Trip, as shown in the diagram.
Replace the (3) metal track pins with insulators and attach wires to the track as shown.

Be sure to observe the direction of travel.

The controlling section is a section o track insulated from the rest of the track by insulators.

These insulators should be installed on (1) rail only, preferably the common base post or on DC, the (-) rail.
The controlling section may be any length desired. The length is determined by the spacing of the insulators.

OPERATION: When two trains are on the loop, the trip will keep the two trains separated.

The lead train will be stopped in the insulated section and will remain stopped until the trailing train enters the control section.

You should lock AC reverse units in forward or use Lock Out Eliminators, to prevent reverse units from cycling.

The system will not work with only one engine running in the loop.

You can have no other connections to the track in the control or insulated sections.

NOTE: For three rail systems, all connections from the #1202 and insulators, are on the center rail.


A -Preferably use straight section of track and fasten as close to cross tie or sleeper as possible
1 -See Fig.1. Put shoulder shown as “A” against bottom of the inside rail.
2.-See Fig. 2. Press spring shown at “B” up and around bottom of other rail.
3.-See Fig. 3. Take wires shown as “C” and “D” cut off about one half inch of insulation from each end of wire, and connect clip “D” labeled “Base Post” to the Base Post Terminal on your transformer. Connect the other wire to Clip “C” and then to your transformer terminal marked “7-15 volts”.

If the terminal is used to supply track current to a piece of equipment, the wires “C” and ”D” are connected to the two terminals on the equipment unless equipment instructions read otherwise.

Disclaimer: Guides are submitted by readers and the views expressed belong solely to the author.

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