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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Wed Jan 25 2023 20:58:42

eBay Blackballs Bank Accounts in the State of Georgia?

By: Ina Steiner

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Is eBay blackballing Bank of America bank accounts in the state of Georgia? According to a knowledgeable third-party eBay developer, it seems so.

Since eBay took over payment processing from PayPal, it requires all sellers to verify their bank account information so it can disburse funds into their accounts. But some sellers have had difficulty with the verification process - meaning they are unable to receive payouts for sales they've made and shipped.

This week, a frequent poster on the eBay boards who goes by the handle Shipscript said that for the past year, "eBay has been rejecting the BofA routing number ... Read More

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Mon Jan 23 2023 21:45:13

eBay to Unstick Delivery Status when Delivered to an Agent

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay measures how well sellers get their packages into the hands of customers. But in the fall, eBay stopped considering a package "delivered" when the USPS handed it over to an agent, leaving sellers with what might be called a "stuck" delivery status instead.

thread on the eBay boards, "eBay not recognizing "Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery" as delivered," garnered over 100 comments after a seller reported the issue right before Christmas.

Wastingtime101, who is active on the eBay boards, explained the problem as follows:

"In many places such as apartment buildings with concierge/doorman, townhouse complexes with a management ... Read More

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Sat Jan 21 2023 12:29:58

Sellers Surprised eBay Discontinued Regional Rates Early

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay has already discontinued offering USPS Regional Rates prior to the official end of the program. As we've reported multiple times going back to September, the US Postal Service is eliminating Priority Mail Regional Rate with the January 22nd price change that will roll out on Sunday.

Not only did some sellers seem unaware of the offering's demise, but eBay caused further consternation when it "disappeared" the service through its shipping-label program as early as Wednesday. A seller said they found out after a buyer told them they couldn't make a purchase in this thread on the eBay boards, "Read More

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Thu Jan 19 2023 20:51:15

Etsy Goes Down the eBay Path with Haggling Feature

By: Ina Steiner


Etsy allows sellers to send targeted offers to customers, but this week sellers noticed a new feature that would allow sellers to entertain offers from buyers - which some considered a recipe for disaster.

A seller shared a screenshot of their shop that showed a banner reading, "Want to let customers make offers on your listings?" with the options to "Dismiss" or "Set it up."

Some sellers said it would degrade items on the site even for sellers who chose not to accept offers. "It creates the expectation that ALL shops should offer it," one seller wrote. "They see it in one shop, ... Read More

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Wed Jan 18 2023 16:03:11

eBay Says It Bears All Responsibility for EIS Shipments

By: Ina Steiner


Sellers have questions as eBay transitions more of them from its Global Shipping Program (GSP) to the new eBay International Shipping program, known as EIS (which is not to be confused with eBay International Standard Delivery).

In a thread on the eBay discussion boards, a seller said all of their active listings had changed to offering international shipping through EIS, "including things that I would never want to ship overseas such as very fragile, large, or high value items!"

The seller said the only way they found to turn it off for a specific listing was to open the ... Read More

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