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Wed Nov 21 2018 11:48:14

Amazon Appears to Notify Customers of Data Breach

By: Ina Steiner

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Update 11/21/18: Amazon provided us with the following statement. "We have fixed the issue and informed customers who may have been impacted." Note that Amazon's system was not hacked - its website inadvertently disclosed email addresses and names due to a technical error that has since been fixed. 

Some Amazon customers say they received an email from the company about a breach of data, according to multiple news outlets today. UK tech publication The Register said readers forwarded emails from Amazon UK informing them that it had "inadvertently disclosed [their] name and email address due to a technical ... Read More

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Mon Nov 19 2018 17:04:07

Etsy Takes Pulse of Sellers with New Survey

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy is surveying sellers, and the type of questions is telling. Josh Silverman, Etsy's CEO, is very data driven and measures everything - Etsy did extensive testing of its TV commercials before taking them national.

So it's not surprising Etsy wants to keep track of seller "sentiment," as market researchers call it, in a quantitative way given the many changes Etsy is making. (For a qualitative look, all he has to do is visit the Etsy discussion boards!)

The first question asked sellers to indicate the degree to which they agreed or disagreed with the following statements:

Enforces seller policies fairly
Is a reliable source of income
Is a ... Read More

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Fri Nov 16 2018 23:08:17

Etsy Considers Prime Like Shipping Program?

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy may be considering a shipping program similar to Amazon Prime. An Etsy seller reported last month that Etsy sent a survey to customers asking if they would pay a yearly subscription fee in order to get free shipping on their orders.

We haven't confirmed the existence of such a survey, and we've only seen one seller write about it. But it's easy to believe Etsy might want to see what kind of response buyers would have to such a program, whether or not it was under serious consideration at this point.

Many of the sellers responding to the original poster expressed concern ... Read More

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Wed Nov 14 2018 00:45:37

eBay Blames Deals Sites for Payments Confusion

By: Ina Steiner


eBay shoppers are getting confused over the coupons eBay has been offering as a reward for buying from sellers enrolled in managed payments, and in some cases they are complaining to sellers who aren't enrolled in the program when they are unable to redeem the coupons. An eBay moderator blamed "deals" sites for the confusion. 

He was responding to seller in the forums who posted, "A buyer was complaining to me about using this coupon code, about it not working or something."

This coupon in question ("PAYWCARD") was good for a 25% discount capped at $25 and linked to terms and conditions on Read More

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Mon Nov 12 2018 12:41:21

Seller Boycott Against Amazon Unit Succeeds

By: Ina Steiner


Antiquarian booksellers banded together to protest a decision by Amazon's AbeBooks marketplace, a rare show of solidarity among independent third-party sellers that worked - at least for now, resulting in apologies and concessions.

The booksellers boycotted AbeBooks after it announced with short notice during the holiday shopping season that it planned to close its site to sellers from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, and South Korea.

As we reported, hundreds of booksellers from many different countries participated in "Banned Booksellers Week" that kicked off on November 5, 2018, suspending millions of listings on the AbeBooks marketplace.

In writing about the latest development today, Read More

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