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Thu June 7 2018 23:22:12

Selling Expert Warns of Amazon Product Reviews Sweep

By: Ina Steiner

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In April, we wrote about Amazon's mass suspension of buyers for what appeared to have been part of a crackdown on reviews; it's against Amazon policy to leave product reviews in exchange for compensation "such as gift cards to purchase the product, product refunds, review swaps, or free or discounted products."

That was in April. In late May, sellers reported that Amazon began deleting product reviews from ASINs en masse.

It's important to distinguish between reviews left for products versus feedback left for sellers, which also saw a change at the same time. (Amazon began limiting the number of feedback displayed on a seller's account to the ... Read More

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Mon June 4 2018 15:44:38

Sellers Report eBay Seller Hub Meltdown

By: Ina Steiner

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Sellers report that eBay Seller Hub is down - one reader told us it was a "complete nightmare," and see this report on Ecommerce EKG. Some sellers are finding a workaround to getting to the portal, saying Seller Hub is there, but you have to access it using a different method. The eBay System Status board offers no indication of any technical issues today.

On DownDetector, sellers offered this advice:

"Seller hub does work but you have to use your icon if you placed a shortcut to it. If you did not then you messed up. Seller Hub is there but you cannot get ... Read More

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Sat June 2 2018 21:47:02

OMG Another eBay Promotion Glitch

By: Ina Steiner

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Another eBay seller promotion, another glitch. The company acknowledged and apologized for the "issue" in a follow-up email on Friday, but eBay customer service reps told at least one seller he was out of luck as a consequence of its own shortcomings.  

In one version of the promotion, eBay encouraged sellers to list with the Best Offer and it promised a $20 Final Value Fee cap for items listed between June 1st and June 5th. On the eBay discussion boards, a seller asked for help from an eBay moderator because he was having trouble activating the promotion: "When I click on ... Read More

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Sat June 2 2018 09:28:44

Have You Ever Felt Like This in a Craigslist Encounter?

By: Ina Steiner


What happens when complete strangers meet in person to exchange cash for valuable items? What could possibly go wrong?

Anyone who has ever bought or sold items through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace will relate to this video on YouTube called The Exchange.

So many aspects of this are relatable - like the last-minute attempt to re-negotiate the price.

While this 2-minute video is amusing, it's true that you need to be careful when dealing with buyers and sellers in local classifieds transactions - don't let your guard down.

Can you relate to the characters in The ... Read More

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Thu May 31 2018 21:09:16

Walmart Takes Personalization to New Level with Jetblack

By: Ina Steiner


Walmart is a go-to store for many busy parents looking to save money. But its new Jetblack service is targeting a very different demographic: urban parents who are willing to pay $50/month for the convenience of concierge shopping and delivery.

The appeal is not just being able to text an order and have it delivered quickly - Jetblack wants to become intimately acquainted with their customers, keeping detailed profiles, so it can offer personalized service. 

Jetblack "onboards" customers to learn their preferences and will even send someone to your home to scan barcodes and take photos of your products, if you desire.

That takes personalization further than any ... Read More

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