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Mon Nov 21 2022 22:13:45

Study Says Sellers Offer Fake Discounts on Amazon

By: Ina Steiner

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Sellers are gaming prices on Amazon, according to academic research published in October. The University of Florida explained in a post today what researchers observed by studying prices of consumer goods. They found that over a quarter of vacuum cleaners sold on Amazon during the study had at some point 'pretended' to offer a discount when they had actually just increased the price.

"By pairing a price increase with the introduction of a previously unadvertised "list price" for a product, Amazon signals to shoppers that they are receiving a discount when they actually pay 23% more, on average, for their ... Read More

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Fri Nov 18 2022 09:47:03

Reading the Tea Leaves as USPS Preps for Peak

By: Ina Steiner

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The USPS completed its installation of 137 new package-sorting machines ahead of the holiday mailing and shipping season, meeting its goal of expanding its daily package-processing capacity to 60 million, it announced on Thursday.

In May, the Postal Service had said it expected to receive about 40 million packages on its busiest days during the peak season and said it would be ready to handle 50 million packages a day. 

In yesterday's press release about achieving its new capacity goal, it did not say how many packages it now expects during its busiest peak days, but it is hiring 8,000 fewer seasonal ... Read More

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Mon Nov 14 2022 11:33:40

Would Rumored Amazon Layoffs Impact Online Sellers?

By: Ina Steiner

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The New York Times reported Amazon may layoff 10,000 people beginning as early as this week, focusing on its devices organization, retail division, and human resources.

Ecommerce expert Juozas (Joe) Kaziuk─Śnas of Marketplace Pulse tweeted that could lead to a greater percentage of GMV (sales) shifting to marketplace sellers: "Amazon is about to layoff 10,000 people in Alexa (meh product), HR (inconsequential), and retail (expect more GMV % shift to marketplace)," he tweeted.

In the third quarter, it was already at its highest point to date at 58% of paid units sold, according to Amazon Chief Financial Officer Brian ... Read More

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Thu Nov 10 2022 22:00:21

USPS Priority Mail Commercial Rates to Rise 3.6 Percent in 2023

By: Ina Steiner


Online sellers will pay more in January to ship packages under rates the USPS submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission on Thursday. Sellers should also watch for changes to Non Standard Fees (up to $25!), and later in 2023, the US Postal Service will make a major change to First-Class Package Service (FCPS).

First, January 2023 rates in a nutshell: "Overall, Priority Mail service prices would increase approximately 5.5 percent, Priority Mail Express service prices would increase by 6.6 percent, and First-Class Package Service prices would increase by 7.8 percent." 

However, those are *Retail* rates (the rate you pay at the post ... Read More

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Wed Nov 9 2022 14:19:15

A Better Way to Calculate Seller Feedback?

By: Ina Steiner


A seller recently noticed Amazon was showing seller feedback inconsistently - most offers on a product detail page showed the number of feedback the seller had received in the past year, but one seller had their lifetime feedback count showing.

Obviously that would be of concern to the other sellers since it implied the outlier had a more thriving business than their competitors. However, it appeared to be an intermittent issue, and we're not sure how widespread the issue might be.

But the seller also shared his thoughts with us about the limitations of the current feedback system in general. Like many others ... Read More

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