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StickerMule Helps Sellers Stand Out from the Crowd


StickerMuleSomeone orders an item from an online seller, and they receive a box containing the item. Boxes need to be sealed for shipping, with a strong tape being the usual choice. For StickerMule customers, this tape does more than assist with delivering the package – it also helps sellers promote their brands and boost repeat sales.

A company representative told EcommerceBytes how the firm’s 2010 launch evolved from stickers to a variety of other services like custom magnets, buttons, labels, mailers and packaging tape. “We created a platform which allows them to place orders in as little as 60 seconds in some cases. We focus relentlessly on quality, fast turnaround, and also offer free shipping,” marketing lead Dave Traver noted.

Some customers may be less artistic than others. This is an area where StickerMule can help. According to Traver, “We encourage our customers to be as creative as possible and send us their artwork in any format. We’ll take care of the rest.”

“We offer free artwork-setup, fix low resolution artwork and allow unlimited proof revisions, so our customers will know exactly how their designs will be printed before paying,” he noted as a further benefit.

To achieve this result with custom tapes, StickerMule uses a water-activated tape that they touted for its premium characteristics. “Our customers’ designs are printed on a strong, durable paper tape that’s reinforced with fiberglass strands, ensuring packages stay securely closed during shipment.”

The end product gives sellers something that ensures their branding gets seen not only by the recipient, but anyone who sees a shipping box sealed with the branded tape. For sellers, it’s an opportunity to be remembered for future business from a customer.


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