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Square Rings Up Checkout for Payment Processing

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Square logoPayment processor Square recently debuted a hosted solution for online checkout payments. Called Square Checkout, the service should provide the same payment efficiency as the company’s signature Reader for credit cards as well as its retail services.

Square Checkout allows developers to create a request that passes transaction details from an online seller’s checkout to Square’s backend processing. Square touted several features sellers need from their payment processor, including chargeback protection and PCI compliance.

A Square representative told EcommerceBytes the Checkout product came as a response to customers who trusted the brand’s offline abilities and wanted them available online. Square’s Dashboard provides a comprehensive look at each transaction processed so sellers know who’s buying and what they buy.

“We take care of all the payment processing and complex security and regulation, and Square is the merchant of record for every transaction, which means we deal with the banks on our business’ behalf,” Square said. “We make sure that disputes are resolved as efficiently and equitably as possible, and we’ll go to bat for businesses if someone disputes a transaction.”

We asked about the security concerns many have these days, in light of unfortunately frequent news of online threats. “We’ve designed Square to grow stronger the more people transact. The better data set we have to analyze, the smarter our anti-fraud algorithms become,” Square said.

Square currently has more than two million sellers across channels in the US; this includes their offline and online clients. Sellers looking for an integrated Square and ecommerce solution online should have little difficulty finding one. Said Square, “We have our own ecommerce API, and we’ve also integrated with a number of ecommerce sites like Bigcommerce, Weebly, Wix, Woocommerce, Ecwid, and more.”

A version of this article appeared in the July 10th issue of EcommerceBytes 411.

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