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Driving Traffic to eBay and Etsy Listings through BannerPlay Ads

How do eBay and Etsy sellers reach shoppers? Some believe paying fees to list on those marketplaces is all the advertising that is needed, but one software developer provides a solution for those merchants wanting more exposure to online shoppers, and it provides apps integrated with both of those marketplaces.

Software developers of all stripes have been creating what they hope are apps that will prove useful and popular with online sellers, relying on a combination of desired functionality and ease of implementation to reach the marketplace. BannerPlay has positioned its app as a potential seller solution for easily advertising listings placed on sites like eBay and Etsy.

BannerPlay allows for the creation of ads and campaigns through its interface, with pricing based on the familiar cost per click (CPC) method. The company offers a real-time bidding system and the convenience of paying for “advertising credits” through PayPal. Sellers only have their accounts charged for clicks after the clicks occur, and bids can go as low as one cent per click.

Campaigns can have ads displayed across BannerPlay’s network based on keywords and on geographic targeting. BannerPlay says its targeting system will reach potential customers both on desktop browsers and on mobile devices.

Maya Weinstock, product marketing manager for BannerPlay, answered some questions for EcommerceBytes regarding its service.

EcommerceBytes: I’m interested in the reach a seller advertising on eBay can expect. Is BannerPlay a standalone ad network, or do ads appear across some kind of partner network?

Maya Weinstock: BannerPlay is an ad network by itself, but we also work with a few partner networks in order to reach a large variety of websites worldwide.

EcommerceBytes: What kind of site targeting does BannerPlay do for seller ads?

Maya Weinstock: The ads created with the eBay app are targeted both with keywords and geographical targeting. The app automatically takes into consideration the keywords from the items’ description and meta data, and also the countries to which the item can be shipped- and targets the ads accordingly.

EcommerceBytes: How many sites might a seller expect to have displaying their BannerPlay ad?

Maya Weinstock: The amount of sites the seller can expect to be displayed on really depends on many factors – the daily budget he sets for each item, how focused are his keywords, is the item very niche oriented, the max cost per click he sets, and many other factors. Usually, and this is a very rough estimate, each dollar in the daily budget buys about 10,000 views.

EcommerceBytes: Which categories of products do you see getting the most reach on BannerPlay’s network?

Maya Weinstock: Since the eBay app is relatively new, and we have an Etsy app that has been running for a while now, we see mainly jewelry on our network. However, the more time we spend on the eBay market, we see a bigger variety of items.

EcommerceBytes: What kind of vetting does BannerPlay do for participating display sites?

Maya Weinstock: Each website that joins the BannerPlay ad network is approved by us after taking a look at their content and how legit is the website. However, since we do work with other networks, not every site on which the ad is displayed has been approved by BannerPlay (but it has been approved by our partner networks)

EcommerceBytes: Does the app permit sellers to choose not to have ads display on particular sites or site categories?

Maya Weinstock: The app does not permit blocking certain websites. However, there is an option to block websites through our main system (but since it’s a bit more complicated, it’s an option we save to our more experienced users).

Online sellers can visit the Bannerplay app page on eBay and on Etsy to learn more.

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