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Bigcommerce Next Grabs Google Trusted Stores Integration

The expansion of the Google Trusted Storesprogram makes more online sellers potentially eligible to include its features on their ecommerce sites. For those ecommerce pros on the Bigcommerce platform who also have Google’s Trusted Stores certification, adding those extras recently became a less formidable task.

At the Bigcommerce blog, the company discussed several new features as it rolls out Bigcommerce Next. Among these is integration of Google Trusted Stores for eligible merchants. Being able to present that badge could be helpful in driving more sales through more perceived confidence in a site, through the display of ratings on a site’s customer service, shipping, and return policies.

Adding the code for Google Trusted Stores to a site may pose a challenge for an online seller, who also has to provide feeds of data to Google, showing order confirmations, estimated ship dates, and shipper tracking numbers. Bigcommerce however has tackled this for sellers in Bigcommerce Next.

Rather than making sellers figure out the code placement bits, Bigcommerce Next makes a wizard available as part of the marketing options in the Bigcommerce dashboard. All the heavy lifting is done behind the scenes for the Bigcommerce seller’s convenience.

Several other changes came along with Bigcommerce Next that added more features besides the Google Trusted Stores integration. A built-in blogging engine makes it easier for sellers to engage visitors beyond the product page. New themes present more options for the look and feel of the storefront. Bigcommerce has also streamlined the process for adding payment processing options like PayPal, Stripe, or MasterCard’s Simplify Commerce, to one’s site.

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