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Tue Mar 19 2019 23:40:00

Etsy Says It Will Credit Overcharges from Last Year

By: Ina Steiner

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In November, we wrote about problems sellers had after Etsy rolled out a new billing system. One of the problems was related to currency issues for international fees, which you can read about in this AuctionBytes Blog post from November 2018.

Etsy addressed questions about the new billing system on this thread in early November, but sellers say the problem is still ongoing and say they haven't received a refund or credit for the overcharges, despite emails from Etsy promising to extend a refund credit "in early 2019."

We noticed Etsy responded on Twitter today to a seller who asked, "When will Etsy ... Read More

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Fri Mar 15 2019 00:07:05

Users Ask What Happened to iOffer Listings

By: Ina Steiner

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Ecommerce site iOffer took its site offline on February 25th for maintenance and said it was planning to be back up and running on March 1st. But users are asking what happened to all the listings.

These days we don't keep up with the alternative online marketplace, which launched in the early 2000s (we've found management to be unresponsive to our inquires), but users reached out to us today to ask what was happening. 

On Twitter, the company announced on March 4th that it had completed maintenance, and "everyone should be able to access their accounts again."

On March 11, it tweeted, "We are aware ... Read More

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Tue Mar 12 2019 14:03:10

A Chance to Weigh in on Overseas Package Rates

By: Ina Steiner

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From glacial pace to lightening speed, things are suddenly moving rapidly when it comes to changing how the US charges for delivery of packages from overseas shippers. The State Department is holding a meeting in Washington DC on Thursday, March 14, 2019 to discuss the US withdrawal from the Universal Postal Union (UPU), and any member of the public can provide input.

The current administration is taking a great interest in the issue of what many see as "unfair" postal rates in which sellers from some international countries can pay less postage to get packages delivered to US shoppers ... Read More

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Tue Mar 12 2019 09:10:37

Amazon Wants to Place Ads in Your EBooks and Videos

By: Ina Steiner


Part of the attraction of online advertising is that you can change the ads anytime, including the content of the ads and the advertisers, and you can make them contextual. So far that kind of advertising has escaped digital content like ebooks and streaming shows and movies, but a patent from Amazon indicates that may change.

"Content developers, producers, publishers, distributors and the like seek to generate revenue from content items. Revenue can be generated by charging for consumption of content items such as by selling a music album or a book. Revenue can also be generated by charging advertisers to ... Read More

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Sun Mar 10 2019 20:08:26

Can Amazon Catalog Withstand ASIN Hijackers?

By: Ina Steiner


Amazon's robust product catalog and customer product reviews were major factors in its meteoric rise, but both systems remain under attack by sellers trying to game the system. There have been many articles about the vulnerability of Amazon product reviews to manipulation by unscrupulous actors trying to get a competitive edge, but less attention is being paid to the problem of hijacked ASINs that impact the quality of the catalog.

ASINs are Amazon's version of UPC codes and ISBNs that identify products. A new ASIN is created when an item is uploaded to Amazon's catalog. An ... Read More

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