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Sat Oct 21 2017 22:39:46

Is Etsy Doing Right by Sellers Hit by Currency Bug?

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy apologized for a major issue some European sellers are dealing with that looks quite costly, but it refused to provide details about the nature of the problem publicly - instead, moderators have told sellers repeatedly to check their email for more information. 

In a nutshell, it appears there was a currency conversion problem that caused Etsy to undercharge buyers, and then it cancelled the orders and took money from the sellers' accounts to refund the buyers, even after sellers had shipped some of the orders. According to sellers, compounding the issue was the difficulty in getting answers from Etsy.

On Thursday evening, ... Read More

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Fri Oct 20 2017 10:36:58

Sellers Like Amazon Lockers for Pickups and Returns

By: Ina Steiner

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A couple of readers sent us a link to an article about Amazon lockers in Chicago, calling it a smart move. The lockers allow customers to pick up orders - and also drop off returns.

The post on, called "Amazon Pickup Stores Open On Clark Street And Near DePaul," pointed out: "It's similar to other Amazon outlets previously opened at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Illinois at Chicago, but it's the first in the state to be separate from a college campus. Even so, it is making it a point to offer ... Read More

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Thu Oct 19 2017 15:48:00

Beware of Selling New Goods Online

By: Ina Steiner

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Seller beware. Marketplaces are growing increasingly reluctant to allow the sale of new goods on their sites unless sellers can prove they are authorized dealers. A reader says he fears the crackdown he experienced on a niche site called Reverb may be spreading to larger sites like eBay. (Note: be sure to see the update below.)

Reverb told the reader that in order to list *new* items on its marketplace, a seller must be an authorized dealer and must have explicit permission from the brand to sell the item on Reverb. 

From Reverb's policy page under "Images, not allowed", it says it prohibits ... Read More

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Mon Oct 16 2017 22:55:24

eBay Will No Longer Be Hands Off Says Executive

By: Ina Steiner


In a public relations misfire, eBay gave a reporter access to some of its top executives, but her story that came out today: "Nobody Thinks About eBay. Even with 171 million users, the online shopping giant is grasping for relevancy." Not the puff piece eBay may have been expecting.

eBay's Laura Chambers, Vice President of Consumer Selling told the reporter that eBay could not longer keep its "hands-off attitude" as competition heats up. "The authentication program is a good example of how we're getting a little bit more involved," she says, "and it represents a shift for us in terms of ... Read More

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Sun Oct 15 2017 10:23:05

How UK Vigilantes Target eBay Scammers

By: Ina Steiner


Read about a group of vigilantes who identify fake eBay listings and take action to shut down the scammers' bank accounts.

Interesting story from The Guardian newspaper today, "Buster Jack: the eBay vigilantes who are outconning the con men." It reports "a secretive network of "bank busters" have made it their mission to help shut down accounts used by internet fraudsters."

It's remarkable these scams are still succeeding after more than a decade. The Guardian writes: 

"The group responds to "obviously" fake listings for cars, camper vans, diggers and a whole range of expensive items being offered on eBay - usually at about ... Read More

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