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Tue Aug 15 2017 16:23:00

Etsy Listens to Sellers about Highlighting Unique Items

By: Ina Steiner

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Etsy made a change that indicates it is listening to sellers' concerns. 

We wrote about some tests Etsy is running to highlight best-selling products, including highlighting best-selling items on search results pages. Etsy had explained, "We believe that knowing those items are popular with shoppers will help new buyers feel more confident making a purchase on Etsy." 

But sellers pushed back, citing concerns that the move would give more exposure to mass-produced goods. Wrote one reader on the EcommerceBytes Blog: ""Top selling items" are for commodity items that there are many of. I thought that Etsy was about one off unique ... Read More

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Tue Aug 15 2017 13:39:49

Seller Flies to Amazon Headquarters to Plead His Case

By: Ina Steiner

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An online seller caught up in Amazon's fight against counterfeit goods flew to the company's headquarters in Seattle to try and communicate with the ecommerce giant, according to an article in Bloomberg. In "Amazon's War on Fake Eclipse Glasses Trips Up Newbie Merchant," the news outlet writes, "Jason Wright bought thousands of glasses on credit, only to be blocked from selling them on Amazon's marketplace. He flew from Utah to Seattle to complain."

The article highlights the financial predicament online sellers face when caught up in a marketplace policy dispute. Amazon sellers - and eBay sellers, too - ... Read More

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Mon Aug 14 2017 22:39:48

UPS Better than USPS at Tracking?

By: Ina Steiner

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The US Postal Service may have some advantages over rival UPS, but tracking may not be one of them. And for online sellers - especially those selling on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, tracking is vitally important.

The USPS Office of Inspector General wrote a post about Mobile Delivery Devices, which are handheld scanners that the USPS uses to track package delivery in real time via GPS. In part, it wrote:

"The Postal Service has deployed 262,800 MDDs, software releases, and related accessories. To date, the Mobile Delivery Device program has improved package visibility and achieved a key metric of reducing repair costs ... Read More

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Sat Aug 12 2017 15:06:56

eBay to Expand Seller Ad Program as Early as Monday

By: Ina Steiner


eBay Promoted Listing ads are becoming available for single-quantity listings as early as Monday. Up to this point, sellers could only use Promoted Listing ads to advertise a listing that offered multiple quantities. 

Sellers are generally pleased that eBay removed product listing ads that competed with their listings by taking shoppers off of the eBay platform. 

But whether marketplace sellers should have to pay for increased exposure on top of the fees they already pay to list their items has always been hotly debated among eBay sellers. Some argue that if eBay served up listings according to relevance instead of through ... Read More

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Sat Aug 12 2017 08:54:40

Alleged Terrorist Tries Using eBay to Hide His Tracks

By: Ina Steiner


The Wall Street Journal reported that a man charged in 2015 of accepting money from overseas terrorists led the FBI to a "global network stretching from Britain to Bangladesh." It wrote, "The case suggests how Islamic State is trying to exploit holes in the vast online financial world to finance terror outside its borders."

According to a 2015 press release from the Justice Department, the man told the investigators that he had pretended to sell printers on eBay that would serve as a cover for the payments he received from ISIL through PayPal and Western Union but claimed that he had never ... Read More

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