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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Wed Jan 17 2018 21:39:49

eBay Bucks Rewards Members for Selling

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay's loyalty program that usually rewards members for making purchases is running a special promotion that rewards members for selling as well. Several sites have published details of the promotion, including

The invitation-only promotion, which kicked off on January 17th, gives participants 6% back on purchases and listings sold - items must be purchased or listed by January 18th.

eBay Bucks members who receive the invitation must first activate the promotion. Those listing items must sell them by January 28, 2018 to earn eBay Bucks worth 6% of the total sales price, up to $100. 

Several sites reminded their readers that ... Read More

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Mon Jan 15 2018 10:10:38

eBay Shows It Knows the Depths of Bad Buyer Behavior

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is conducting a survey about how it could improve its marketplace for sellers (see previous post). In the survey, eBay also delved into bad selling experiences. 

What's striking is that eBay included a laundry list of complaints, indicating it knows quite well many of the problems sellers face on its marketplace.

As we noted, one of the questions eBay asked in the survey was, "What is the single most important thing that we could improve to make you more likely to recommend eBay?" Depending on how sellers responded, eBay displayed further questions ... Read More

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Sun Jan 14 2018 16:23:57

eBay Survey Points to Possible Changes Ahead

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is running a survey asking sellers what improvements they'd like to see and provided a list of areas from which to choose that included fees, the feedback system, and policies.

It's always interesting to mine eBay seller surveys for clues about changes that could be coming to the marketplace, though this particular survey didn't limit the subject matter to just one or two areas, as demonstrated by this question and list of responses from which to choose:

What is the single most important thing that we could improve to make you more likely to recommend eBay?

Fees for selling on eBay
Access to more ... Read More

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Sat Jan 13 2018 10:07:12

Vote Now in the 9th Annual Sellers Choice Awards

By: Ina Steiner


Congratulations to the ten Sellers Choice 2018 finalists, including one marketplace that appears on the list for the very first time!

This is EcommerceBytes' 9th annual Sellers Choice Marketplace awards, when sellers turn the tables and put the spotlight on marketplace performance. You're rated on a range of metrics throughout the year, now you can rate the marketplaces on four criteria: profitability; customer service; communications; and ease of use. You can also rank each venue on how likely you are to recommend them as a selling venue to a friend or colleague.

Our favorite part of Sellers Choice is the free-form section where ... Read More

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Thu Jan 11 2018 21:21:08

eBay Exposes Actual Postage Costs in Apparent Glitch

By: Ina Steiner


Online shoppers can get very grumpy about shipping and handling charges, and savvy sellers often use "stealth postage" to keep their actual shipping costs private. (I dug up an EcommerceBytes article about stealth postage from 2003!) 

But a reader who buys and sells on eBay said the company is exposing actual shipping costs to buyers in the purchase history section of their accounts.

"At least for me, eBay is displaying what the shipping label cost the seller, not what I paid for the seller's shipping cost," the seller said. 

How obvious would this be to buyers? "I don't know if the average buyer would notice ... Read More

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