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Thu Jan 4 2018 10:29:11

eBay Seller Says Winning against Bad Buyers Is Futile

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
There's a popular rumour online that eBay is better for buyers than sellers. When as a seller I received the following reply to a detailed report I submitted on a potentially fraudulent buyer, trying to return fake goods and claim a full refund, I felt vindicated and pleased.

"I want to thank you for your detailed report. I have taken the time to read it and I have also reviewed all the information available to us in the case. After reviewing this case ... we're not holding you responsible for this case. eBay will refund the buyer in full and you will keep ... Read More

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Tue Jan 2 2018 15:00:31

eBay Buyer Returns LP Because It Does Not Fit

By: Reader

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Buyers cite interesting reasons for returning products they purchased. This reader says an eBay buyer claimed his LP did not fit. What's the most unusual reason you've been given from a buyer wishing to return a purchase?

Dear Ina,
Just had an "authorized" forced eBay return for an LP phonograph record, for which the reason given and accepted by eBay, is:

"Reason for return - Doesn't fit"

So, this means you can return anything for any reason, valid or not, on eBay now?

Unless, of course, LP records are wearable clothing these days.

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Sat Dec 30 2017 15:15:27

Seller Says eBay Changed His BIN Listings to Auctions

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
When I logged in to eBay this morning, I found that a few of my listings that are ending today have been changed from buy-it-now to auction! When I relist, obviously I will revise. 

I wonder if this is another case of eBay's deciding what is "best" for me as a seller, as I have read other complaints of unwanted revisions when reading EcommerceBytes. 

I hope that this does not turn out to be the case as my other, more than 1,200, listings expire; what an editing nightmare that would be. Has this happened to anyone else? As always, thank you so much,

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Thu Dec 28 2017 23:26:59

eBay Charges $380 Commission for Phantom Sale

By: Reader


In September, we told readers about a change to eBay's user agreement that would allow it to charge a commission even in certain cases where a transaction has not taken place. Here's the first report of such a case - the reader said eBay charged him $380 for the non-sale.

Dear Ina,
I am virtually stunned that nobody has revealed on your website as of late - any experiences of eBay asserting their judge, jury, sentencing tactics regarding "Charging" one for an "assumed sale".

I recently got a 7-day suspension for having a prospective buyer send me his email address through the eBay system. Granted, I shouldn't have ... Read More

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Tue Dec 26 2017 16:34:04

Responding to an eBay Warning Leads to Trouble

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
In addition to the overall sluggishness of eBay sales, I believe that I have been throttled as the result of complaining to eBay.
In the "old days", it was against eBay policy to use the image, headline, or descriptive text of another seller. Admittedly, I obviously missed reading that all images uploaded onto the site become the property of the company; thus, anybody can pirate others' material. 

When I saw that another seller had used my headline and photo, I complained to him and insisted that he desist; he then complained to eBay about me, and eBay sent me a warning. 

I replied to the warning, stating ... Read More

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