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Wed Sept 13 2017 19:37:10

eBay Seller Hub Fails to Display Scheduling Fee

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
Another eBay "defect" which started two weeks ago at the same time they switched many of us over to Seller Hub.

When you are listing on eBay and you schedule a listing it shows no extra charge. It was always 10 cents extra. Now as mentioned, it shows no charge, but when it actually is listed you get the 10-cent charge for each listing.  

I called eBay 8 days ago about it and it's still not fixed. They did give me credit on all the schedule listings I had listed.    

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Sun Sept 10 2017 21:10:10

eBay Glitches Get Their Own Nicknames

By: Reader

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eBay glitches are so numerous, this seller says, that he's come up with nicknames to describe them, but it's no laughing matter.

Dear Ina,
The Glitches in eBay's programming are too numerous to count, I have been seeing major programming issues go uncorrected for months and in some cases years! Here is another one that has been around for a while and is still uncorrected, but now it seems to be causing even more trouble with current ongoing site changes. 

Here it is, let's call it the Where's Waldo Glitch! It occurs when you go into a listing to check the shipping cost; maybe you want to ... Read More

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Tue Sept 5 2017 15:12:59

Is eBay Preparing a Cloud Service for Seller Photos?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
It looks like eBay is preparing to release new Cloud Photos functionality based on the navigation bar on the left when viewing the page that shows non-compliant listings that include contact info (link).

Here's how to find it:

eBay has recently started sending messages to sellers with this subject line: "Immediate action required. Remove active content and/or contact information from your listings."  

Within that message, there is a link to "View listings with policy violations." When viewing the resulting page, there is a section on the left navigation area entitled "PHOTOS" and within that section there is an inactive link to "Cloud Photos" as ... Read More

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Sun Sept 3 2017 09:52:56

eBay Alarms Buyer with This Vague Warning Message

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
Wondering if you've ever encountered this before. On Friday, I purchased (an item) from an eBay seller, which I've done many times, with no problems. It hasn't been shipped, yet, but I wasn't concerned. Now, I'm wondering what's going on. 

This morning, I received an email from eBay, stating the following, which also was posted by eBay, beneath the item, on my purchase history page. It makes no sense to me!  

"We had to remove this listing from the site and you're not required to complete the transaction. If you've already sent payment, the sale should process as normal and you don't have anything ... Read More

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Fri Sept 1 2017 11:50:53

eBay Sellers Freaked Out over Incorrect Compliance Notices

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
Over the last few weeks, I've been getting emails from sellers whose listing templates I revised over the summer. These are emails with a subject line like "Immediate action required. Remove active content and/or contact information from your listings".

I think eBay has been doing the search on older records as at least 90% of the "Sample listing IDs" noted in the emails either no longer exist in eBay's database or have been fixed as noted above.

Thus, many sellers are freaked out and, at first, suspect I did something wrong when, in fact, eBay has dropped the ball on this!

Of course, sellers will need to ... Read More

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