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Thu Sept 13 2018 17:29:20

eBay Reduces Value of Shipping Supply Perk for Stores

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
When eBay last raised the prices for owning a store, they threw in a quarterly coupon for eBay branded shipping supplies. I bought a wide variety of boxes and some envelopes, and was pretty happy with this perk. 

They now no longer offer any of the smaller sized boxes, and the number of items carried seems to be less than half of what they had before. 

When I raised this issue with the supplier, they said they were only carrying the best selling items, but I have to wonder if the 18 inch boxes they now have sell that much better than 12 x 12 ... Read More

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Wed Sept 12 2018 00:12:09

eBay Seller: Should I Update My Handling Time Daily?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I wish to ask a question of the users of this website as they are clearly familiar with the system and are not affiliated with eBay directly and thus may provide an honest response. 

THE QUESTION: Due to our circumstances and location we ship once a week. We always know the day we ship therefore our listings that say 5 day handling are incorrect 80% of the time. 

If I update the handling time on the listings everyday in a countdown manner - 4 day handling, 3 day handling, 2 day handling, 1 day handling - will the listings be punished? Or will they update ... Read More

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Sun Sept 9 2018 20:06:50

eBay Rep Tells a Seller 4 Accounts Are Too Many

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
First, thank you for all the valued information provided in your blogs. The information has been heaven sent for now I know I am not the only person dealing with this most unfortunate situation with the continuing struggle with eBay's sales' downward spiral.

I first wrote you about a month ago and I would like to report to you that as of today my sales have never recovered since April 2018. I have added new merchandise, changed my listing habits on a lot of items by only listing them for 30 days instead of GTC hoping I would have more exposure, used the ... Read More

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Sat Sept 8 2018 18:51:48

eBay to Seller: Offer Free Returns to Counter Lying Buyers

By: Reader


Dear Ina, 
Tonight I closed a difficult return with a buyer who did not read the listing and tried to claim their item was damaged when there was a clear odor disclaimer. The buyer agreed to pay return shipping in the messages, yet left a feedback that I would not accept the return. 


I called to have this feedback removed and was told that even though I accepted the return, the whole feedback could not be removed because half the statement was the buyer's perception. 

I was also told that if I offered free returns it would ... Read More

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Wed Sept 5 2018 13:42:36

USPS Shrinks Letter Box to the Annoyance of a Bookseller

By: Reader


Dear Ina,
On the street corner is our new USPS letter box. 

The opening is smaller. It used to fit a Regional Rate A box and a Medium Flat Rate oblong.

Not any more.

Time for me to get out the tape measure and find out what will fit. And get ready to make more trips to the post office.

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