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Thu Mar 1 2018 20:44:26

Amazon Gives Sellers a Wakeup Call on Using FBA

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon is using fee and policy levers as it seeks to optimize space in its warehouses, and it's a wakeup call to sellers who rely on FBA fulfillment services.

As we reported in Newsflash this afternoon, monthly storage fees are increasing (Amazon recently increased other FBA fees effective Feb. 22nd). 

More dramatically, Amazon is also increasing long-term storage fees (LTS), which are moving from a bi-annual assessment to monthly. Plus, there is a 50-cent per unit per month minimum charge for LTS for products that haven't moved in a year.

The real wildcards are new storage limits and overage fees: Amazon is implementing a policy in ... Read More

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Wed Feb 28 2018 20:50:33

eBay Is Overcharging Sellers Today

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay is charging sellers for listings that should be free. "It's 5PM on February 28th, I have 47 of 50 free listings still available (and a ton of new store offers that don't apply), and (eBay's) trying to charge me insertion fees on anything that I select to relist," a reader reported on Ecommerce EKG.

The eBay boards also contain reports of the same problem - one seller did a roundup of discussions about the problem on this thread.

An eBay moderator thanked the seller and said he would "send another report to our developers with the information you've provided here."

Another seller ... Read More

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Tue Feb 27 2018 23:03:38

eBay Disappoints Store Owners with Spring Update

By: Ina Steiner

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eBay disappointed some of its best sellers - those who pay monthly fees for Stores - by announcing a fee increase. eBay also introduced two new tiers to its Stores subscription program today as part of the Spring Seller Update, but failed to fill in a gap in the current structure. 

Surprise #1: Starter Store FVFs
eBay left out critical information when describing the new "Starter Store" tier (it also published a mistake that was pointed out by a seller that has since been fixed).

As a result, some sellers were left with the impression that the new Starter ... Read More

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Mon Feb 26 2018 14:17:45

Sellers Dismayed at Disappearance of DSR Reports

By: Ina Steiner


eBay sellers can no longer generate DSR reports, though whether it's a glitch or by design isn't clear. Despite the fact Detailed Seller Ratings are no longer counted as "defects" against a seller's performance, some sellers have continued to find the reports helpful.

While DSR ratings are left anonymously, sellers can often identify which buyers leave positive feedback but low ratings, and then block those buyers from making future purchases. 

When some sellers pointed out buyers who leave low marks probably wouldn't wish to purchase from those sellers again, a user explained they had multiple selling accounts and also shared the information with ... Read More

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Fri Feb 23 2018 13:36:11

eBay Seller Gets Around Ban on Amazon Price Comparisons

By: Ina Steiner


eBay doesn't let sellers mention competitors in their listings (or when communicating with buyers through its messaging system). But one enterprising seller got around this restriction with a creative use of her product images.

A reader noticed that an eBay listing for a small kitchen appliance contained a screenshot of the same product listed on Amazon with a much higher price. It was the first image displayed in the seller's listing. We can't definitively state that the seller was trying to evade eBay's policy, but it looks like she was trying to show eBay shoppers that her product was listed at ... Read More

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