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Latest Ecommerce News - March 30, 2015

eBay Reveals Salaries and Perks of Top Executives
eBay disclosed the salaries and perks of its top executives in a letter to shareholders and revealed details of golden parachute provisions for the heads of its eBay and PayPal businesses.

Would You Let eBay Pack and Ship Your Items?
eBay sellers will soon be able to drop off sold items at local stores to be packed and shipped, according to a British newspaper. Would you let someone else package your items for you?

Etsy Sellers Worry Glitch Could Put Accounts at Risk
In what appears to be a glitch, some Etsy sellers have reported they have found themselves logged in to someone else's account. The company provided a statement about the issue.

Ooh La La - Product Ratings Reach Google's European Shoppers
European merchants who use Google Product Listing Ads to reach online shoppers have a new tool. Google Shopping expanded product ratings to merchants in the UK, France, and Germany.

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NEW! From the Editor - March 8, 2015
(March 08, 2015, Issue #376)
eBay has introduced a brand new fee to the dismay of sellers. Find out where eBay will institute the new surcharge for old listings, and what the move says about eBay's search engine. And, it's official - Etsy filed with the SEC to take the company public. PayPal issued its own filing in preparation to going public as it breaks up with eBay, but will it be business as usual for sellers who use the companies' services? We've got lots more news and what it means for online sellers in today's editorial.

NEW! How Subscriptions Can Help Small Sellers Grow
(March 08, 2015, Issue #376)
You may have seen ads for subscription sites like Dollar Shave Club and thought the model was out of reach for businesses your size. A company called Cratejoy is changing that perception by helping small online sellers take advantage of the subscription shopping trend that gets buyers to spend more while providing them with a fun experience. We talk to a husband-and-wife team to learn why it's an attractive selling model.

NEW! Good Things Happen When Sellers Collaborate
(March 08, 2015, Issue #376)
There are many tales of partnerships gone awry, but there's another way to work with other sellers that can give your ecommerce business a boost, but without the drama: collaboration. By collaborating with others, sellers have been able to expand their product line, leverage their skills, and reduce the risks of entering new areas. According to one seller we spoke to, it also brings new energy to your business.

NEW! Collectors Corner: Coin Facts - Mint Marks
(March 08, 2015, Issue #376)
When is a dime from the 1980s worth $20? or even $200? There are valuable coins in circulation, but how will you know if you're throwing money away when you reach into your pocket to pay for a purchase? Learning about mint marks is both interesting and potentially profitable.

NEW! EcommerceBytes Soundoff: Letters to the Editor - March 8, 2015
(March 08, 2015, Issue #376)
In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From shipping issues to payment processing, from fees to online marketplace policies, EcommerceBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.

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