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Latest Ecommerce News - April 24, 2015

Amazon Sellers Account for 44 Percent of Units Sold
Amazon third-party sellers accounted for 44 percent of units sold in the first quarter, the company revealed on Thursday. While Amazon grew net sales, it experienced a net loss for the quarter, and feeding the Prime platform was the catchword of the post-earnings call.

Etsy Holds Audition for Sellers to Showcase Their Talents
Etsy wholesale sellers can participate in a retail open call on Instagram for a chance to pitch boutique and retail buyers in person at a July event in New York.

eBay Runs Promotion to Attract Consumer Sellers
eBay kicked off a promotion targeted at casual sellers the same day the head of eBay Marketplaces promised to revitalize consumer sellers, a key strength for the company, he said.

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  • Amazon Delivers to Car Trunks, Acquires IoT Platform - 04/23/2015
  • Strong Dollar Hurt eBay Marketplaces Cross-Border Trade in Q1 - 04/23/2015
  • eBay Makes Big Promises to Small Sellers as SEO Penalty Still Stings - 04/23/2015
  • Twitter Wants to Know How Users Shop on Its Platform - 04/23/2015

  • Check out the Current Issue of EB-Update Below!

    NEW! From the Editor - April 12, 2015
    (April 12, 2015, Issue #377)
    Why is eBay making changes that could inhibit sellers from listing longtail inventory on its marketplace when reports show the marketplace continues to experience troubling growth? We take a look at what eBay is trying to accomplish with its Spring Seller Update; some important developments for Etsy sellers; and how the rich are getting richer at both marketplaces thanks to pending IPOs.

    NEW! The Online Sellers Guide to eBay Spring Seller Release 2015
    (April 12, 2015, Issue #377)
    Online sellers would rather stay focused on growing their businesses, but twice a year, eBay throws out a host of changes that requires them to take time and figure out if adjustments are necessary. Here's our guide to this year's Spring Seller Release. As you'll see, media sellers should consider a change in selling strategy, and others should be aware of key changes that could impact visibility and fees.

    NEW! Marketplace Removes Barriers between Buyers and Sellers
    (April 12, 2015, Issue #377)
    Collectors are a different breed of shoppers, and sometimes they need hand-holding when making a significant purchase. icollect247 is a niche marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together to a much greater extent than larger venues. EcommerceBytes spoke to founder Irene Davis to see why she's a believer in offering the personal touch to online shoppers.

    NEW! You Won't Believe How Stories Can Attract Customer Clicks
    (April 12, 2015, Issue #377)
    The internet can be impersonal, especially when it comes to ecommerce, but it can also offer cozy corners where shoppers can find much more than virtual shelves of commodities. LooptyHoops proprietor Susan Smith provides some tips on how to use stories to attract customer clicks. Customers aren't curious about your upcoming sale, she says - tell them about the top three colors for the season, rather than the top three colors you have in stock. Read on for more advice on how to click with customers.

    NEW! Collectors Corner: VHS Tapes
    (April 12, 2015, Issue #377)
    Did you throw away your VHS collection, afraid you might be accused of being a hoarder? If you did, you may regret it after reading today's Collectors Corner. Michele Alice take a look at auction prices of some titles that have gone for big bucks. Even the home recordings made by a young man's grandmother helped him net a tidy sum.

    NEW! EcommerceBytes Soundoff: Letters to the Editor - April 12, 2015
    (April 12, 2015, Issue #377)
    In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From shipping issues to payment processing, from fees to online marketplace policies, EcommerceBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.

    Have a question about buying or selling online? Want to get marketing or technical advice? EcommerceBytes Discussion Forums are the place to come to get answers to your questions and get advice! Great tips - a refreshing change!

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