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Latest Ecommerce News - July 27, 2015

Etsy Rolls Out Change to Search This Week
How do you search a site like Etsy and find one of a kind items, especially when the perfect item may be a product you don't even know exists? Etsy is rolling out a change to search this week in an effort to help guide shoppers - and to give sellers of unique items a greater chance to be seen.

eBay Apologizes for Lockout By Giving Users Coupons
eBay apologized to the subset of users it locked out on Wednesday. eBay's Senior Vice President of Global Customer Experience quickly emailed them and tried to make up for what it called an error on its part.

eBay Tries Again with New Promotion
eBay made a second attempt to engage shoppers after a promotion flopped last month. Some UK shoppers reported receiving an offer last week that was intended to make up for a glitch in June that left them unable to take advantage of that sale.

Etsy Shares Seller Profile as It Lobbies Lawmakers
Who is the typical Etsy seller? While each one is unique, in general they share some characteristics, Etsy found. It shared some research into seller demographics and behavior as it sent a group of sellers to Washington to advocate on issues important to small businesses.

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NEW! From the Editor - July 12, 2015
(July 12, 2015, Issue #380)
It's a time of tremendous change in the ecommerce industry, particularly for marketplace sellers. eBay and PayPal will officially separate on Friday - see which eBay insider said it's literally make or break time for the marketplace. Amazon is entering new territory people never thought they'd attempt - and on Wednesday, it's launching a brand new holiday to rival Black Friday. You can read more about these developments in today's editorial along with a link to a video interview Marketing Sherpa's Courtney Eckerle conducted with yours truly about small-business branding.

NEW! Google Analytics Can Help Sellers of All Sizes Reach Their Goals
(July 12, 2015, Issue #380)
Large retailers aren't the only ones using data to boost sales and increase customer loyalty. EcommerceBytes looks at how small online sellers can go beyond simply counting visits and use data more wisely with the help of Google Analytics. The key, experts say, is defining your goals and then measuring your success.

NEW! Registering Your Product Brand through the Amazon Brand Registry
(July 12, 2015, Issue #380)
If you've never heard of Amazon Brand Registry, this is a must-read article. Skip McGrath shares how he uses the program to register his unique brands to gain control over his product pages and how it works for him.

NEW! Collectors Corner: Canned Luncheon Meat
(July 12, 2015, Issue #380)
A certain canned luncheon meat introduced by Hormel in 1937 has become the favorite of collectors. The food - not to be confused with unwanted emails clogging up your inbox - is even considered a delicacy by some.

NEW! EcommerceBytes Soundoff: Letters to the Editor - July 12, 2015
(July 12, 2015, Issue #380)
In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From shipping issues to payment processing, from fees to online marketplace policies, EcommerceBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.

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