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Learn more about Collectibles on this page. Find links to resources and articles from past issues of the AuctionBytes-Update newsletter.

Advertising Collectibles

Pricing Guides, Books & Publications

Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide

Classic Coca-Cola Calendars  

Pop Culture Collecting
Pop Culture Collecting

Magazine DescriptionPop Culture Collecting is the magazine preferred by collectors of all manner of collectibles and memorabilia. Each monthly issue allows you to relive your childhood through photos of fabulous collections of memorabilia and by reading interviews with the most renowned collectors of pop culture in the world! If you love nostalgia, this magazine is for you!


Joy of Collecting
Joy of Collecting

Magazine DescriptionJoy of Collecting helps enhance the experience of developing a collection. The magazine covers a diverse slate of collectibles, providing individual profiles and offering information about new releases, trends, and display ideas. Fun facts round out each bimonthly issue.


Web Resources

Marlene's Coca-Cola FAQs
Petretti's Coca Cola Web Site


Pricing Guides, Books & Publications

Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List for the 2000 Market

.Art & Antiques
Art & Antiques

Magazine DescriptionArt & Antiques provides collectors and connoisseurs with news and information on trends in the art market, as well as auction reports, profiles of personalities, and in-depth features on specific works, periods, artists, cultural trends, and events.

Art in America
Art in America

Magazine DescriptionArt In America is dedicated to artists, dealers, and aesthetes who want the latest news from the art world. Topics covered in the monthly magazine include show reviews, event schedules, profiles of artists and genres, and updates on literature and materials.


Collector Editions
Collector Editions

Magazine DescriptionCollector Editions is the oldest and most widely read consumer magazine covering the world of limited-edition collectibles including figurines, plates, prints, art glass, steins, cottages, ornaments, and dolls. Each issue contains in-depth articles plus auction and secondary market reports, details of upcoming shows and special events, profiles of top artists, news about collector clubs, and much more.


The Newtown Bee's Antiques and The Arts Weekly   (the Newtown Bee) - Each week, "Antiques and The Arts Weekly" averages 200 pages, including hundreds of detailed listings of auctions (with photos), a calendar of antiques shows, and extensive coverage of museum and gallery exhibitions, historical society programs, book reviews, and antiques show and auction coverage from around the country. It also presents fascinating feature stories on the people, events, and trends that are important to dealers, collectors, and lovers of art and antiques. It is known by its loyal subscribers are 'the bible for the antiques industry'

Maine Antique Digest   - Web site of the printed monthly huge newspaper for the arts and antiques market. Lists its show and auction ads, has an interactive forum for wants!, links to appraiser databases and more


Art Display Essentials - Art Display Essentials is a mail order company selling display stands, bases, cases, pedestals, easels, and custom mount making for; art, antiquities, collectibles.


National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc.

AuctionBytes Articles

Collector's Corner - Advertising - (April 23, 2000, Issue #12)
In Part II of this Collector's Corner, Editor Marlene Earle recalls her best auction find...and worst disaster
Collector's Corner - Advertising - (April 9, 2000, Issue #11)
Part I -
Marlene Earl gives some great tips on cleaning and repairing Advertising Memorabilia prior to putting it up for auction...


Antique Searcher  "The antiques and collectibles portal"

Chris Eve's Kodak Camera Collection - Great reference site for the Kodak camera enthusiast! Collector Chris Eve identifies hundreds of vintage Kodak cameras and accessories

Getty Reference Library - Has a searchable database of artists by name. Great for finding information about lesser-known artists.

Internet Auction List (IAL)  List of "real" auctions. Search by keyword, date, location or category. For example, you can search for all the auctions in Massachusetts in the month of May.

Jim's Burnt Offerings  - Jim Shaw's site for vintage cigarette memorabilia. There are approximately 70 pages of cigarette packs, advertising, and history that make up this Web site

Old Books and Paper  Commercial site selling historical papers and ephemera. Excellent American-history links.

Prices for Antiques Paid subscription to photographic database of antiques and collectibles. $19.50/month for unlimited access; other pricing plans are available.

Brimfield Antiques Show

Brimfield, Massachusetts, is the site of New England's largest outdoor antique show, with shows held annually in May, July and September. There are 20+ fields with over 5,000 dealers!

Brimfield Show Dates
2000: May 9-14, July 11-16, September 5 10
2001: May 8-13, July 10-15, September 4-9

Related Articles from AuctionBytes-Update:

Bound for Brimfield Preparing for New England's Largest Outdoor Antiques Show. Wayne Tuiskula takes a look a the practical side of attending Brimfield

A First Foray Into Selling at Shows. Edith Reynolds' look at selling at book fairs applies to any show, including Brimfield. If you are considering exhibiting at Brimfield or other shows, read this article!

Brimfield-Related Links

Brimfield Site sponsored by the Quaboag Valley Chamber of Commerce

Brimfield Show Schedule 

Brimfield Map  

Brimfield Antique Show Website (Wayne Hodges, President,

Promoter's Web Sites:

Brimfield Acres North  

Brimfield's Heart-O-The Mart

JandJ Promotions   [check out the show photos!]

New England Motel Antiques Market

May's Antique Market

Want us to add info about other antiques shows? Email

Books - Michele Alice,  Editor

Pricing Guides, Books & Publications




Web Resources - If you collect Bookplates, take a look at Lew Jaffe's site
Trixie Belden
Bobbsey Twins
Tom Corbett
Nancy Drew History
Hardy Boys Home Page
Dr. Seuss
Tom Swift Sr.
Tarzan - Edith Reynold's Website of collectible books, paper, photography, maps and items of interest - Edith Reynold's Website of Americana of a fine and collectible nature

AuctionBytes Articles.

Collector's Corner - Sci-Fi - (May 7, 2000, Issue #13)
In Part II of her story, Michele Alice seeks out new links for the Science Fiction collector.
Collector's Corner - Sci-Fi - (April 9, 2000, Issue #11)
Part I - The Truth is out there
, and Michele Alice reviews a few sites that helps you find it.  Great for the Sci-Fi collector!.
Corner - Star Trek - (Mar. 5, 2000, Issue #9)
Want to live long and prosper with Star Trek collectibles?  Michele Alice has some insights about what to look for.
Collector's Corner: Books - (Feb. 6, 2000, Issue #7)
What are some of the hottest collectible books?  Michele Alice investivates the appeal of the Nancy Drew Mystery series.
Collector's Corner: Sci-Fi Books - (Dec 19, 1999, Issue #4)
Sci-Fi Editor Michele Alice gives some tips and tricks when determining the value of your Science Fiction library


Pricing Guides, Books & Publications

Coin Connoisseur
Coin Connoisseur

Magazine DescriptionCoin Connoisseur is a quarterly magazine devoted to providing discriminating coin investors and collectors with real-life information from the industry's leading analysts and market movers. Each issue delivers advice to help you optimize the value of your investments in precious metals or rare coins, while helping you to diversify your portfolio and predict trends in the industry.


Coin Prices
Coin Prices

Magazine DescriptionCoin Prices is a complete guide to retail values for collectible U.S. coins. A market update by editor Bob Wilhite begins each issue. Rotating special sections provide values for Canadian and Mexican coins, colonial coins, errors and varieties, and selected issues of U.S. paper money. Regular departments include a guide to grading U.S. coins, a regularly updated calendar, and a Q&A section.



Magazine DescriptionCoins Magazine covers market trends, buying tips, and historical perspectives on all aspects of numismatics. Articles cover cataloguing, selecting and displaying a collection, and the history of coinage. Regular columns include "The Budget Buyer," "Coin Clinic," an editor's column, and a calendar of upcoming events and shows.


Web Resources

US Mint
IM Coins Company - Sells coins and supplies

Comics - Win Bent, Jr., Editor

Pricing Guides, Books & Publications

The Overstreet Price Guide
Wizard Magazine

Comics Buyer's Guide
Comics Buyer's Guide

Magazine DescriptionComics Buyer's Guide provides collectors, fans, and professionals with the latest news about comics and related items. Each issue includes a popular letters section and the hobby's largest marketplace for news and back-issue comics and memorabilia. Regular features include profiles of writers and artists of today and yesteryear. There's also a nationwide calendar of upcoming comics events, store appearances by creators, and a monthly price guide supplement.


Web Resources - The official site for Wizard Magazine
Grading Guide
Comic Book Classifieds

AuctionBytes Articles

Collector's Corner:Comics - (Jan 9, 2000, Issue #5)
Comics Editor Win Bent gives a few tips to determine the publication date of your collectible comics.
Collector's Corner: Comics - (Dec 5, 1999, Issue #3)
Comics editor Win Bent helps you find the value of your comic collection


Pricing Guides, Books & Publications

Fifty Years of Collectible Glass,...  



Web Resources

Dictionary of Marks
Trademarks of Various Glass Manufacturers

Pottery and Porcelain

Pricing Guides, Books & Publications

.Collector Editions
Collector Editions

Magazine DescriptionCollector Editions is the oldest and most widely read consumer magazine covering the world of limited-edition collectibles including figurines, plates, prints, art glass, steins, cottages, ornaments, and dolls. Each issue contains in-depth articles plus auction and secondary market reports, details of upcoming shows and special events, profiles of top artists, news about collector clubs, and much more.

NMXpress Newsletter

McCoy Pottery : Collector's Reference & Value Guide, Vol. 2, by Bob & Margaret Hanson, & Craig Nissen  

Web Resources

NMXpress McCoy Pottery Page
Roseville Pottery

AuctionBytes Articles

Collector's Corner: Pottery -(Jan. 23, 2000, Issue #6)
Although Roseville pottery went out of business in the mid-50's, it's continues to be highly sought-after. Contributing writer Natalie Larson gives some background on this American institution.
Collector's Corner: Hull Pottery - (Dec 19, 1999, Issue #4)
What is one of the most sought-after pieces of pottery on eBay? Pam Fowler looks at an American institution: Hull Pottery

Sports - Wayne Tuiskula, Editor

Pricing Guides, Books & Publications

Sports Cards Magazine & Price Guide
Sports Cards Magazine & Price Guide

Magazine DescriptionSports Cards Magazine & Price Guide covers all aspects of sports collecting, with an emphasis on trading cards for all the major sports including baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. The magazine includes in-depth features and columns and a card value guide for the entry-level collector.


Sports Collector's Digest
Sports Collector's Digest

Magazine DescriptionSports Collector's Digest covers all aspects of sports memorabilia collecting including trading cards, uniforms, autographs, and equipment. Features include interviews with current and former sports stars. Regular columns and departments include a weekly sports card price guide, a news section, and a calendar of upcoming shows.


Web Resources  - Antiquities of the Prize Ring.  Harry Shaffer's site for boxing history and memorabilia

AuctionBytes Articles.

Collector's Corner - Sports - (May 7, 2000, Issue #13)
In Part II of this Collector's Corner, Editor Wayne Tuiskula looks at the development of baseball trading cards through the 1900s
Collector's Corner - Sports - (Feb. 20, 2000, Issue #8)
Sports Editor Wayne Tuiskula looks at the origin of the most popular sports collectible:The Baseball Card.
Collector's Corner: Sports - (Jan. 23, 2000, Issue #6)
There's more to sports collecting than baseball cards! Sports Editor Wayne Tuiskula discusses other options for the enthusiast

Stamps - John Kirsner,  Editor

Pricing Guides, Books & Publications

Stamp Collector
Stamp Collector

Magazine DescriptionStamp Collector has been serving the stamp hobby for 65 years, covering a wide variety of U.S. as well as foreign stamp news from around the world. Each issue has interesting articles and special features, plus there are special issues dealing with commemoratives, the Civil War, the Olympics, air mail, and major stamp show events.


Stamps Auction News Magazine
85 Canisteo St.
Hornell NY, 14843-1544


American Stamp Dealers' Assn.
Joseph B. Savarese
3 School St.
Glen Cove, NY 11542-2517

Web Resources

American Philatelic Society
Linn's Stamp News

AuctionBytes Articles

Collector's Corner: Stamps - (Jan. 23, 2000, Issue #6)
Stamps Editor John Kirsner gives a primer on some of the most common flaws and defects that a philatelist faces
Collector's Corner: Legacy of Collecting - (Dec 5, 1999, Issue #3)
Collector's Corner editor John Kirsner traces the roots of his love for collecting

Toys - Ray Tipton, Editor

Pricing Guides, Books & Publications


Magazine DescriptionDolls, the collector's magazine, explores the world of collectible contemporary and antique dolls. Its goal is to help collectors fully enjoy the dolls they own and assist them in putting together outstanding collections. Each issue of Dolls brings excitement to one of the world's most popular hobbies — doll collecting!


Mary Beth's Bean Bag World
Mary Beth's Bean Bag World

Magazine DescriptionMary Beth's Bean Bag World is one of the best resources for collectors of Beanie Babies and related toys. Every issue offers photos, prices by generation of heart hang tag, and information on collectibles shows along with collector trivia, a secondary-market buyer's guide, and answers to the most commonly asked Beanie questions.


Pokeman: The Unofficial Guide to Pokeman (Beckett Publications)
Inquest Gamer (Wizard Entertainment) - Gaming magazine
Scrye - Collectible card game magazine

Web Resources .

Wizards of the Coast Web Site

AuctionBytes Articles

Collector's Corner: Toys, Games, Dolls - (Feb. 6, 2000, Issue #7)
How did the retiring and subsequent unretiring of Beanie Babies affect the market?  Ray Tipton takes a look.
Collector's Corner: Toys, Games, Dolls - (Dec 5, 1999, Issue #3)
Are auction sites breaking the retail monopoly for hard-to-get toys?  Collector's Corner editor Ray Tipton takes a look

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