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AuctionBytes Online Crossword Puzzle Page

Take a break from listing, grab a cup of coffee and try one (or more) of our online crossword puzzles.  We'll be adding many more to our archive, each with a varying degree of difficulty.  If you'd like to submit your own crossword for publication, send an email to dsteiner@auctionbytes.com and ask for details.  AuctionBytes pays $20 for each crossword puzzle we accept.

Online Auction Terms - (9/9/01) submitted by David Steiner
Photography - (9/23/01) submitted by Sharon Devine
Glass - (9/30/01) submitted by Bonnie Riley
Depression Glass - (10/7/01) submitted by Reyne Haines
Beaded Jewelry - (10/21/01 submitted by Sharon Devine
Thimbles - (11/11/01) submitter by Barbara Acchino

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