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Place an ad in the AuctionBytes Classifieds for $25 for the year. Here's what it gets you:


- Your ad will be seen on the AuctionBytes Classifieds section of the AuctionBytes.com website

- The photo from your ad will be rotated along with other ads on the front page of the AuctionBytes home page

- Your ad will also appear on a rotating basis in AuctionBytes' NewsFlash newsletter


You can advertise an individual item and include a PayPal button, or you can advertise your website, storefront or even a brick & mortar store! You can buy as many AuctionBytes Classified ads as you like (each one costs $25).

Ease of use!

It's simple to set up an AuctionBytes Classified ad, and you can change the ad yourself anytime you want!!

A Bargain!

For $25, you get a classified ad that will be seen on the AuctionBytes website and newsletters, and you can change the ad yourself anytime!

Looking for an Alternative to eBay?

Are you tired of being pushed around by ebay?  Tired of them controlling your business, forcing returns and refunds just because the buyer claims "not as described?"  Tired of being put in the corner (account restricted) because your listings are not how THEY want them?

We were too.  After many years of abuse, we decided we had enough and we knew there had to be a better place to buy and sell.  What we found was not a better marketplace, but hundreds, if not thousands of people saying they WISH there was an alternative.  

This was the beginning of Toucandeal.com.  We wanted a place like the Good ole' days for sellers to have fun, make money, and not be led around on a leash day after day.  Every time we had a bad experience, we made notes on how it could have been handled better and put it into the plan for Toucandeal.  

I know there are sites where items sit for months with no sales, but we have many sales every day on Toucandeal!  We hope you join us, list your products, and share with your friends your new store.  :D  

Highlights: Listings submitted to Google Shopping (Free), Free to list (no limits), no holding money from sales, No monthly fees, 2% cash back on all purchases, 2% bonus for shared listings that result in a sale (of any product on Toucandeal). Fair Feedback System (still in development), Easy import from ebay, amazon, or csv file upload listings, bulk edit listings.  

Contact Information:
Company Toucan Deal
Contact Name David Pearson
City Sparks
State NV
Post Code/Zip 89436
Country US
Email Contact Us
Web Site Visit our Site
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  Listing Expires: Mon Jul 2 2018      

 This listing has been viewed 4909 times.

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