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Rebuilding Toucandeal

First and foremost, let me introduce myself.  I'm David Pearson, I'm the co-founder of Toucandeal.  Some of you might have heard of Toucandeal, or even sold there.  We officially launched it just over 4 years ago because we were tired of the treatment towards sellers on the big sites.  You know, it all revolves around the buyer, right?  Our market research showed there were thousands of other sellers wanting an alternative, but there was nothing worth a second look so we figured if we started something, they would be happy to list and share their new store.  

All was going well, but our original developer went to work for a big corporate job and we were forced to find a replacement.  Unfortunately, the replacements that were capable of taking over Toucandeal were the big companies and wanted to start over or charge many thousands to review the code and continue the project.  We ended up deciding to take baby steps with 2 different developers that did nothing, then tried to send us a bill.  It was built with custom PHP code and nobody else would touch it, right when we upgraded to a dedicated server and needed files transferred, so we decided to close it down and rebuild with a better plan.

If you are interested in a better, safer, more seller friendly site, we are working on it, but could really use your help.  Here's what I will offer you:  We need donations!  If you donate, we will give you 500% of that towards selling fees (as long as it takes to use it up).  Example: if you donate $10, we will give you $50 in selling fee credit.  $100 gets you $500 in credit!  We do have several sellers from Toucandeal that made regular sales and could get a reference if you think I'm a scammer.  I know there are a lot of them, but I am not.  I will accept credit card or PayPal for the donations so at any time if you want to bail out, you can get a refund.  

We also want your input as to what features you want added to the site.  Now is the time, Toucandeal is our name.  It is currently "Under Construction", but with your help, it could be back up and running in no time!  I'm adding this as an item for sale for $10.00 each.  If you want to donate more, simply add more "items" to the cart (i.e. if you want to donate $100, order 10).  We appreciate your support!  

Thanks!   :D 
Contact Information:
Company Toucan Deal
Contact Name David Pearson
City Murfreesboro
Post Code/Zip 37128
Country US
Email Contact Us
Web Site Visit our Site
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  Listing Expires: Thu Jul 30 2020      

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