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Apr 28, 2013
Low flate rate fees however does'nt seem to generate much traffic and LOTS of tirekickers looking to get good merchandise fo ridiculousely low prices. Listing engine has quirks (several of my auctions were automatically relisted without minmum bid prices-ouch!. Management responsive however limited staff means DELAYS!Several non-paying bidders and site now requires sellers/auction listers to give reason why they want to ban bidders (i.e. nonpayers) but takes no further action against said
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Nov 5, 2011
For any type of medical equipment, it is hard to beat LabX. My first experience with them was almost 10 years ago. I had an item that ran through two courses of a famous auction site, with no bids. LabX walked me through listing it on their site, and it sold for what was to me, an incredible amount of money. For most of the duration of the auction, there was no activity. The last day, the bids were fast and furious and the price of my item soared. LabX is wonderful, especially for medical items.

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