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  1. Collectors Corner: CollectorDASH for Toy Action Figures
    Many of us need help identifying collectibles, whether we are buying, selling or delving back into our own collections. Brian Cohen took a look at the resources on CollectorDASH and put them to the test with his action figure collectibles. Also, be sure to read to the end of today's column - we're giving away $50 to one lucky reader.
    Published: 2013/05/05
  2. When Fulfilled by Amazon Is Broken by Amazon
    Accidents happen, even in Amazon warehouses. What happens when Amazon inadvertently damages an item it is storing for a third-party seller through the FBA fulfillment program? EcommerceBytes contributor Brian Cohen found out when he went shopping for a unique item that led him to Amazon Warehouse Deals.
    Published: 2013/05/19
  3. Reaching eBay Global Markets with the Help of PayPal Multiple Currencies
    PayPal's new Multiple Currencies feature can help sellers broaden their reach. Find out how to list on eBay's international sites, and how you can save on listing fees while you're at it!
    Published: 2002/12/15
  4. eBay's Tower of Babel
    eBay's desire to be a global trading platform is no secret. Brian Cohen explains that eBay is examining ways to remove language barriers in order to facilitate international trade among its millions of users around the world.
    Published: 2003/02/16
  5. The Declining U.S. Dollar, eBay and Me
    Should online sellers in North America take the leap to international trading? Brian Cohen thinks now is the time to re-evaluate your strategy as the dollar heads down against the Euro.
    Published: 2004/01/04
  6. Linking to Your eBay Auctions
    There are several ways for eBay sellers to display their listings on their own unique page. Brian Cohen takes a look at About Me pages, RSS feeds and eBay's Merchant Kit and explains which one may help you create your own auction web page.
    Published: 2005/03/20
  7. An eBay Twist on Rebate Programs
    eBay seller Brian Cohen explains how he created a rebate program for his customers to encourage sales and generate publicity. Learn the benefits and challenges he encountered creating the "Show Me!" program.
    Published: 2005/08/07
  8. When a Gift is Not a Gift: How (not) to fill out a customs form
    Shipping and fulfillment issues can be an eBay seller's greatest challenge. Today Brian Cohen takes a look at the dilemma of Customs forms for international buyers and gives a thumb-down to "gift" requests.
    Published: 2006/01/22
  9. Broken? Sell It on eBay: An iPod Report
    PowerSeller and Trading Assistant Brian Cohen reveals a potential sweet spot on eBay: the market for broken items. Today he examines the market for broken iPods and shows us it pays not to throw things away without first checking eBay!
    Published: 2006/05/21
  10. NYC Non-Profit Uses Local Online Auctions to Raise Funds
    Housing Works is a non-profit organization that provides services to homeless people living with HIV and AIDS in New York city. Brian Cohen talks to Housing Works' Keith Mancuso to find out how the organization raises funds through online auctions.
    Published: 2007/10/21
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