Science Fiction (SciFi) Resources

Hobby (Role-Playing) Gaming/Collectible Card Games
The Official Pokemon Website
Products, events

Wizards of the Coast (a subsidiary of Hasbro)
A major hobby gaming (Dungeons & Dragons, Magic, Star Wars, etc.) site

Battlestar Galactica

Richard (the original Captain Apollo) Hatch’s website.

Battlestar Galactica Original Costume and Prop Museum
One of the internet's oldest and largest BG sites.

Douglas Adams


Official Douglas Adams page on the BBC website.
Forum, news, DNA.

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha
The Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Appreciation Society. Membership, news, merchandise, more!

Dr. Who
BBC Cult Television—Dr. Who
The official BBC site.

Creation Entertainment
Sci-Fi conventions, links, Celebrity Autograph Room.

Star Trek, Star Wars ornaments (among others).

Internet Movie Database
Movie posters, costumes, props

The Official SciFi_Discussion Website
Discussion groups for sci-fi addicts!

Raving Toy Maniac
Focus on action figures. News, features, resources (grading guide, etc.).

Roaring Rockets
Histories of Captain Video and other early sci-fi series. Discussion, photos of mail-order premiums and retail toys issued during each series’ run.

Science Fiction in Film and Television

A GREAT sci-fi bibliographic resource! (The Sci-Fi Channel)
Episode guides, fan forums, viewing schedules. (Rittenhouse Archives Ltd.)
Sci-fi trading card sets.

Toy Ray Guns
"…the Library of Alexandria for ray guns." (Sci-Fi Weekly)

TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows—Pazsaz Entertainment Network
Database has info on just about any sci-fi or fantasy program ever aired!

The Invaders
The Authorized Site for Roy Thinnes (The Invaders)
Information, pics, descriptions of collectibles, news.

Informative site: episode guide, clips, pics and collectibles

The Invaders Unofficial Web Site and Episode Guide
Terrifically informative and fun British site.

Irwin Allen
The Irwin Allen News Network
Lots of info about Allen and his series; links

Planet of the Apes
The Ultimate Planet of the Apes Website
Timeline, chat, gallery of older collectibles.

Star Trek
New Force Comics & Collectibles
New and vintage sci-fi merchandise; Collector Reference provides release dates and productions figures for many Star Trek items (Simon & Schuster)
Star Trek books: series, new releases, manuscript submissions, boards, etc.

The Star Trek Continuum
Official Star Trek Website. News, gaming, store, etc.
Database price list, links

Star Trek TV Guides
Illustrated checklist of every Star Trek TV Guide published in US.

Star Wars
Officially licensed Star Wars action figures.

Sir Steve’s Star Wars Guide
Collector’s database, photo gallery, community

The Star War's Collector's Archive
Possibly the most comprehensive sci-fi collector’s database on the web.

Twilight Zone
The 5th Dimension
Twilight Zone news, episode guide, interactive

The Twilight Zone Archives
Info, archives, links, boards


Looking for a moderator to host a Space/Sci-Fi/Fantasy forum

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Recommended Reading

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.
Clute, John and Peter Nicholls.
New York: St. Martin's Press, 1995.

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy.
Clute, John and John Grant.
New York: St. Martin's Press, 1999.

Fantastic Television.
Gerani, Gary and Paul H. Schulman.
New York: Harmony Books, 1977.

The Twilight Zone Companion
by Marc Scott Zicree
The "bible" of the series-very well written, extensively researched.

Twilight Zone: the Complete Stories
by Rod Serling
Actually, there are just 19 stories, but well worth the price as they were adapted by the master himself.

Doctor Who: The Television Companion
by David Howe and Stephen Walker
Synopses of every episode, and lots more.

Doctor Who: Regeneration
by Philip Segal and Gary Russell
Chronicles ongoing struggle by BBC to co-produce a new Dr. Who motion picture.

Howe's Transcendental Toybox
by David Howe and Arnold Blumberg
A comprehensive guide to Dr. Who collectibles released from 1963 through 1999.

Plastic Toys: Dimestore Dreams of the 40's and 50's
by Bill Hanlon et al. (Schiffer, 1993). 
This is one of the most comprehensive treatments on collectible plastic toys. Has a chapter devoted to space toys.

The Great Television Heroes
by Donald Glut and Jim Harmon (Doubleday, 1975). 
Considered the best history of early sci-fi series.

The Complete Directory to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Television Series: A Comprehensive Guide to the First 50 Years, 1946 to 1996
by Alan Morton

Science Fiction Television Series: Episode Guides, Histories, and Casts and Credits for 62 Prime Time Shows, 1959 Through 1989
by Mark Phillips, Frank Garcia

The Sci-Fi Channel Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction
by Roger Fulton (Preface), John Gregory Betancourt (Preface)