Ephemera and Memorabilia Resources

Business Cards
The American Business Card Club
Official site for the ABCC

Food Collectibles

Barnum’s Animal Crackers at NabiscoWorld


History, facts, games.

The Condiment Packet Museum
Everything you were afraid to know about those little packets of ketchup, mayo, and relish you can pick up at almost any restaurant.

Food History Timeline

Timeline of 19th and 20th Century Foodstuffs.

Ian’s Macaroni-and-Cheese Box Collection

Illustrated. Who knew there was anything other that Kraft?

Wheaties Cereal Boxes
Wheaties checklists. No longer active site, but information still relevant to all food collectibles.

Hotel Labels
Index to Hotel Labels

Joao-Manuel Mimoso’s illustrated pages on hotel labels. History, fakes, dating, more.

Map History
Part of the WWW "Virtual Library", with links to thousands of relevant sites: dealers, fairs, auctions, articles, collections, societies, etc.

Movie Memorabilia
Terrific section on authentication, with side-by-side pictures of originals and reprints/fakes.

Searchable price reports, 10-point grading scale, Star Wars movie poster guide to authentication, forum.

Learn About Movie Posters
Everything from A to Z: history, condition and grading, care and preservation, artists, NSS numbers list, and a whole lot more!

List of 100 highest-priced posters.

Saturday Matinee
History of movie posters, glossary of terms, glossary of condition.

information about pre-1950 movie stars and the collectibles which honored them. Free Movie Profiles & Premiums Newsletter:
Articles on Vintage Movie Stars & Collectibles

Postcard Reference Material
A number of references which can be used to research old antique postcards and to date vintage postcards.

Produce Labels/Seals/Stickers

Produce Marketing Association

Descriptions of the UPC and PLU code systems.

Tony's Bananas

Impressively comprehensive site: everything about banana stickers from market to album. For example, "Care" has great tips on flattening, removing stains, storing, etc.!


The Enoch Pratt Free Library
Quite helpful resource for researching old certificates.

Stock Search International, Inc.
Online gallery, tips on collecting and care, free appraisals.

Pictures and descriptions of hundreds of certificates.

Trading Stamps
S&H Greenpoints
The electronic reincarnation of S&H trading stamps. History; how to redeem the old stamps for "points", good for new merchandise.


The electronic reincarnation of Gold Bond and Top Value trading stamps. (To redeem the old stamps for "points", good for new merchandise, contact Customer Service.)

Collector Harry Rinker has posted a list of wanted items, including trading stamp catalogs.


Where Buyers and Sellers Meet

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Recommended Reading

The Art of the Market : Two Centuries of American Business as Seen Through Its Stock Certificates
by Bob Tamarkin and Les Krantz. New York : Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1999.

Scripophily : Collecting Bonds and Share Certificates. Keith Hollender. New York : Facts on File, 1983.

Scripophily: Art of Finance
by Keith Hollender (Hardcover - November 1994).

Collecting Movie Posters: An Illustrated Reference Guide to Movie Art-Posters, Press

by Edwin E. Poole, Susan T. Poole, Ed Poole

Miller's Movie Collectibles
by Rudy and Barbara Franchi

Warren's Movie Poster Price Guide
by Jon R. Warren