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The Complete eBay Marketing System
by Skip McGrath

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Everything you need to make money selling on eBay.
The Professional eBay business manual written by Skip McGrath, a power seller since 1999, who still sells on eBay every day.
  • Bonus Number 1 ($99 Value): 100% access to your Confidential Master File of Wholesale Suppliers INCLUDING actual contacts, AND FOUR Wholesale-Only Search Engines for a Full Year
  • Bonus Number 2 ($97 value) Subscription to The eBay Seller's News
  • Bonus Number 3 ($67 Value) 30 Niche Information Products with eBay sales copy complete and resale rights
  • Bonus Number 4 ($29.95 Value) I get the best-selling book on digital auction photography, “Snappy Auction Photos,” by David Steiner
  • Bonus Number 5 ($67 value) eBay PowerSeller's Resource CD
  • Bonus Number 6 Downloadable Audio of Skip McGrath's eBay Marketing Seminar

The eBay Wholesale Buying System
by Skip McGrath

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How, what and where to buy goods to sell on eBay or your web site. Comprehensive Wholesale

Buying System™Manual, 140-page printed training workbook containing all the information, strategies, techniques, instruction, forms and correspondences for buying wholesale from U.S. and international suppliers. 19 Chapters and Four Appendices of information and contacts.

What Sells on eBay for What
by Julia Wilkinson

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A 90-page ebook in Adobe Acrobat format (also available in MS Word and html) packed with information and tips about what you can find and sell on eBay and for how much.
How to Do Everything with Your eBay Business, Second Edition

by Greg Holden

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Pages: 432 pp / Price: $24.99 / ISBN: 0-07-226164-1
This user-friendly book shows its readers how to turn the satisfaction and excitement of eBay sales into a lucrative small business--and possibly even a full-time job! The author shows how to establish a seller's account, post attention-getting auction listings, and build confidence among bidders. He explains how to apply the secrets of successful brick and mortar businesses to the online world, and how to boost sales with techniques such as no-reserve selling and "buy it now" pricing. Plus--tips for locating inventory, implementing marketing plans, and getting free advertising are revealed.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Growing Your Business with Google

by Dave Taylor

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You'll learn how to think like an online entrepreneur and assess the risks and rewards of online advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate programs and much more. You'll find out about choosing good domain names, what makes a good business Web site, how you can promote yourself and become an online expert and how cutting-edge technologies like Weblogs can dramatically improve your findability. You'll learn how you can use Google to identify your competitors, and you'll also learn exactly why it's critical that you add content to your site with great frequency, and how the real secret to findability is content.
The 7 Essential Steps to Successful eBay Marketing

by Janelle Elms, Phil Dunn & Amy Balsbaugh

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Pages: 240 pp / Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 0-07-226091-2
eBay experts reveal how to reach the more than 100 million registered users and catapult sales. Readers will learn how to make listings stand out, inspire buyer confidence, close a sale, and keep customers coming back. The authors, an eBay University instructor, a Fortune 100 marketing specialist, and an eBay PowerSeller, offer valuable marketing insights and tried-and-true techniques for propelling eBay sales to the next level.
eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBay's Most Successful Sellers

by Debra Schepp and Brad Schepp

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Pages: 400 pp / Price: $24.99 / ISBN: 0-07-2258691
To become a PowerSeller, users must maintain at least $1,000 per month in sales for a period of three consecutive months. Many PowerSellers have consistently achieved far more than that, and some maintain more than $150,000 in monthly sales. The question is how can the average eBay user become one of them? The authors share insights and tips to help eBay sellers reach the next - lucrative - level, and they have interviewed scores of current eBay PowerSellers to get their advice and to learn their secrets about how they achieved their status.
Build an eBay Business QuickSteps
by Carole Matthews, Henry Roth & John Cronan

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Pages: 240 pp / Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 0-07-226161-7
(This book will be published in late July)
This highly visual guide explains how to set up and operate a thriving eBay business. Full-color, step-by-step instructions show how to develop a business plan, implement a sales strategy, create great listings, run successful auctions, set up an eBay store, and much more. Each chapter's "How to" list and color coded tabs make it easy to flip straight to specific topics.
eBay Your Business: Maximize Profits and Get Results

by Janelle Elms, Michael Bellomo, and Joel Elad

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Pages: 384 pp / Price: $24.99 / ISBN: 0-07-2257113
Janelle Elms, one of eBay University's top instructors, whose specialty is teaching businesses how to tap into eBay to save money and increase profits, is the lead author of eBay Your Business: Maximize Profits and Get Results. Along with co-authors Michael Bellomo and Joel Elad, she explains in easy-to-read language how to evaluate a company's eBay business potential; add new products into the eBay marketplace; create compelling product listings; develop test markets for new products; collaborate successfully with Marketing, IT, and other teams; and harness the power of eBay to increase their profits and get results.
The Collector's Guide to eBay

by Greg Holden

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Pages: 384 pp / Price: $24.99 / ISBN: 0-07-225766-0
Targeted toward individuals who buy and sell collectibles such as toys, antiques, and limited editions, this book details how to get established on eBay as a prominent collector in a specific field, easily assess the condition, authenticity, and value of a collection, open an eBay store, and strategically bid on items to win auctions. Greg Holden also details how to use eBay as an all-around collecting resource.
Unleashing the Power of eBay: New Ways to Use eBay to Take Your Business or Online Auction to the Top

by Dennis Prince

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Pages: 288 pp / Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 0-07-1445188
For someone who already is in business but hasn't fully employed the potential eBay offers in growing overall sales and profits, Unleashing the Power of eBay is a guide to harnessing all the online market has to offer to grow an existing enterprise, no matter how large or how small. Among explaining other strategies, author Dennis Prince provides information on setting up an eBay business, creating a marketing plan, reaching customers internationally, using eBay's feedback forum to build a solid reputation, and much more.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting an eBay Business

by Barbara Weltman

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Idiot-proof tactics for setting up shop on the worlds's most popular auction website. Valuable tips on pricing your products competitively. Expert advice on advertising and promotion your items for fast and
profitable sale.

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Sell It on eBay: TechTv's Guide to Successful Online Auctions

by Jim Heid and Toby Malina

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Got goods to sell? Then get this guide! Chances are, if something exists (and maybe even if it doesn't), it's been sold on eBay! But making sure that your items not just sell, but sell quickly, at your desired price, and without any snafus in shipping or payment takes some doing in the world's largest bazaar. To ensure that kind of eBay success, you need this no-nonsense guide. In these pages, eBay aficionados Jim Heid and Toby Malina have teamed with the folks at TechTV to create the first and last word on selling at eBay. Through easily digestible text and a visually approachable design that shows you how to take flattering photos of your merchandise and design beautiful pages, this handy guide hones in on precisely what you need to know to sell or even start your own business on eBay. Filled with need-to-know information about everything from payment methods to shipping considerations and establishing starting bid prices, this is where you'll want to go before you go online!

The Business Guide to Selling Through Internet Auctions:
How to Implement a Structured Marketing Plan for Selling to Consumers and Other Businesses
by Nancy Hix

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The Business Guide to Selling Through Internet Auctions is a comprehensive yet simple to understand field guide to online auctions. The core of the book is a 7-step strategy for online selling that ranges from selecting a product and choosing an appropriate auction Site to successfully completing a transaction. Note that this book is geared to businesses of any size, large or small, and is useful to individuals as well.

For the novice, there are explanations of how feedback works, keeping image sizes manageable, and tips for a successful auction listing.

This is not a book that will collect dust as you become more experienced, either. There are great tips that are generally touched upon only in discussion forums, such as double-boxing fragile items for shipping, what happens if an item you’re selling is shut down by VeRO (eBay’s Verified Rights Owners), and a quick and easy way to keep your images from being hijacked.

The appendices make a great reference tool if you’re looking for a specific type of auction Site (C2C, B2C, B2B), image uploaders and HTML builders. There are also strategy worksheets that can be used to figure out who your target market is and who your major online competitors are.

( January 2002)


Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles: Resource Directory (Maloney's Antiques and Collectibles Resource Directory)
by David J. Maloney, Jr.

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Maloney's is a massive compilation of over 20,000 resources to assist you in the location, study and authentication, replacement, repair, valuation, or buying and selling of over 3,200 categories, antiques, collectibles and other types of personal property.

The Auction-App: How Companies Tap the Power of Online Auctions to Maximize Revenue Growth
by Leland Harden and Bob Heyman

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While much attention is being given to Adam Cohen's new book, The Perfect Store, for a more practical book, consider Leland Harden & Bob Heyman's The Auction-App. If you consider yourself a businessperson, or want to learn how companies may be looking to online auctions to expand their business, this is the book for you.

This is not an easy book to read, however, and it sometimes feels like you are doing homework. Harden and Heyman don't get into the personalities behind the sites like Cohen, but they do give excellent background. For example, Chapter 4 ("Software and Services for Creating an E-Commerce Auction Infrastructure") reviews the types of tools available to sellers and explains the target markets. "A Power Seller is usually a person or small business that is selling at least 2,000 items per month on the service," the authors explain.

Chapter 4 also gives a fascinating glimpse into AMS providers Andale, AuctionWatch, Auctionworks, ChannelAdvisor and Fairmarket. I read the funding section with great interest. But again, the book's focus is on the larger seller. The chapter goes on to describe other services appropriate to "B2C" (business to consumer) enterprises, including Oracle, Ariba and CommerceOne.

The Case Studies are extremely interesting. Omaha Steaks began selling excess inventory through, and in 2001, moved its auctions to eBay using ChannelAdvisor. It's interesting to read that Omaha Steaks view auctions as just another distribution channel.

For those interested in the business side of online auction selling, The Auction-App is required reading. For casual auction users, it's extra credit.

( June 2002)


Making Markets: How Firms Can Design and Profit from Online Auctions and Exchanges
by Ajit Kambil and Eric van Heck

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Making Markets, published by Harvard Business School Press, is geared to executives interested in using or creating electronic marketplaces. Focus is on Business-to-Business auction marketplaces. Kambil is Associate Partner and Senior Research Fellow at Accenture's Institute for Strategic Change. Van Heck is a Professor at Erasmus University's Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands.

( March 2003)

Snappy Auction Photos: The Online Auction Seller's Guide to Digital Photography
by David Steiner

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Snappy Auction Photos: The Online Auction Seller's Guide to Digital Photography is a guide to digital photography for people and businesses that sell on eBay, Yahoo! Amazon, ePier, Bidville and other online marketplaces. Readers of Snappy Auction Photos will learn how to make their items look more appealing and obtain more bids and higher selling prices. This eBook focuses strictly on the issues dealing with auction images, and guides you through the complete process of adding images to your auctions.

From general principles to detailed how-to tips, the book will explain everything you need to know about digital photography for online auction selling. You will learn:
  • What to look for when purchasing a digital camera
  • How to create an effective backdrop and how to frame a shot
  • How to avoid problems like "hot spots" in your photos
  • How to create composite images using image-editing software
  • How to save money on image-hosting

The eBook also reviews alternatives to expensive image-editing software and describes the essential elements in an online seller's camera kit. As a special bonus, a free auction template is included.

2nd Edition is available soon on, Powells and other booksites. The 2nd edition has:

  • More photos to demonstrate "Dos and Don'ts"
  • New sections on:
  • Backgrounds and props
  • Taking photos of glass objects
  • Image theft
  • Recommendations of 3 digital cameras with reviews

Snappy Auction Photos is a great investment for beginning sellers and those who want to learn more about making the most of photos in their online auctions.

NOTE: You must have Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader installed in order to read the e-book.

Install the software before purchasing the book to make sure you will be able to read it! (Book sites generally don't allow refunds on eBooks.)

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Best Bang for your Book
by Julia Wilkinson

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Finally, a resource that helps you sell books in the real world, based on real results other authors like you have gotten with their techniques! Best Bang features the top methods authors have used to sell books, including real, concrete data such as number of books sold and percentage jumps in sales.

It also features: authors' individual ranking of marketing methods; new, effective methods you've never heard of; a top ranking of all methods overall; samples of author ads; free advertising vs. paid (free can be almost as effective); where to definitely NOT spend your money; where spending a little money is WELL worth it; what you can expect to pay with various marketing methods, and an analysis of their effectiveness; and resources.

Best Bang will reveal ideas you hadn't considered, such as: a free, trendy feature on the Internet that will get your books exposure; and which national magazine ad increased an author's sales tenfold!

I've spent a year marketing my book, My Life at AOL, and want to share with other authors what I learned about marketing. Here's what I wish I had done differently, and first. Don't waste your precious time and money on methods that don't get results!

The Perfect Store: Inside eBay
by Adam Cohen

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If you want a fun and informative look at eBay, this is a great book. The Perfect Store covers the history of eBay, from its inception and early days of its existence. It details the frantic process of taking the company public, recent Site outages and the policy changes that raised the hackles of eBay's loyal community. Incredibly, he had access to eBay staff and had their full cooperation in writing the book

( June 2002)


Protecting Your Collectible Treasures: Secrets of a Collecting Diva
by Judith Katz-Schwartz

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Protecting Your Collectible Treasures sounds like a book you may want to buy and stick with your other reference books, pulling it off the shelf when you come across a cleaning problem. But I recommend you sit down and read this book from start to finish, and THEN use it as a reference book. First, it's entertaining. But more importantly, Judith tells you how to PREVENT possible problems with your collectibles and gives lots of other useful advice.

The range of items covered ensures there is something for everyone, from porcelain, pottery and textiles to jewelry and paper. The last chapter is a potpourri of miscellaneous tips and tricks that don't fit into other categories. (Did you know there is an easy way to get the dents out of beer cans?!)

With her background as a chef - Judith earned a Graduate Chef's Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu - Judith whips up some terrific "recipes" in this book guaranteed to clean your precious treasures. And since most of us have the basic "ingredients" on hand - ketchup, baking soda, salt, vinegar, lemon juice, and cream of tartar - it won't cost a fortune.

Judith founded Twin Brooks Antiques and Collectibles in 1986, and in 1987 she opened an independent appraisal practice. She took her business online (Twin Brooks) in 1993. The book is easily portable. It's a 9" x 6" softcover of 128 pages, but has more useful advice - that can be put into action immediately - than many books two or three times the size.

( December 2001)


Jewelry & Gems at Auction
by Antoinette Matlins

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Anyone who enjoys jewelry would benefit from reading Antoinette Matlins' book, Jewelry & Gems at Auction, but if you buy or sell jewelry online, this is a must-read. Antoinette is an internationally respected gem and jewelry expert. She has written numerous books on jewelry and gems, and she has provided counsel to clients buying and selling jewelry for over twenty years. Now she turns her attention to auctions, both "real life" and Internet auctions.

The book is very personal as Antoinette shares her love of jewelry and gems. Her personal stories make the book highly entertaining, so you feel you are passing time with a friend, albeit a knowledgeable one.

Jewelry is an area where knowledge is critical. She gives numerous examples of how she has avoided bad purchases as well as gained some beautiful pieces for bargain prices because of her expertise. But she warns that even experts can make mistakes.

This book will give you the confidence to walk into an auction and enjoy yourself in the process, whether you bid or simply use the experience to add to your knowledge. The book contains recent auction prices as well as charts, facsimile certificates and lab reports, and many beautiful color photographs.

Recent stock market performance makes jewelry look like a good diversification strategy, or so we can tell ourselves. This book is certainly a good investment.

( August 2002)


Huxford's Old Book Value Guide
Edited by Lisa Stroup

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The 13th edition of Huxford's Old Book Value Guide is a price guide listing 25,000 titles of common - not rare - books. As in any printed price guide, the prices in this book should be used ONLY as a guide. Prices vary depending on many factors, including geography, condition and demand.

The prices in this book are taken from dealers' selling lists issued within the past year. Each listing is coded and refers back to a specific dealer. However, if you want to SELL books to a dealer, expect to get no more than 50% of the retail values listed.

The book gives prices that book dealers are asking for these books. Don't assume that you would pay (or achieve) the same prices on online auction sites - you should still check each title on eBay and other book sites. The majority of books in this guide are listed in the $10 to $50 range. I was surprised that some of the books listed were from the 1980s and 1990s ("Jane Fonda's Workout Book" 1981 1st Edition Signed was worth $30). Many are older ("Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Samuel Clemens 1912 was worth $900).

If you care about current prices, make sure you purchase the most current edition of Huxford's Old Book Value Guide. (Hardcover, 396 pages)

( October 2001)


Miller's Movie Collectibles
By Rudy Franchi

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Rudy Franchi, author of Miller's Movie Collectibles, owns Boston's Nostalgia Factory with his wife Barbara. The book is absolutely beautiful! It's hardcover and filled with color photographs of movie posters. This is THE perfect book for movie aficionados as well as collectors. I found this book very hard to put down.

The book examines the world of collectible movie posters, citing current values (in U.S. dollars and British pounds), with history, terminology and trends. Rudy & Barbara have been poster dealers for over 30 years. They are appraisers on the PBS Antique Roadshow and operate the largest Web site dealing in original film posters. The Franchis have organized film poster auctions for Skinner and Christie's auction houses.

"The book we wrote is a late in life attempt to de-mystify this strange world and make it more accessible to the ordinary collector," Franchi told me. They succeeded wonderfully.

( June 2002)


All My Life for Sale
by John Freyer

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Remember the guy who sold all his possessions on eBay? Surprise, now he's written a book. John Freyer sold all of his possessions on eBay, then visited his onetime possessions in their new homes. ""All My Life for Sale" is the extraordinary record of this project: part autobiography, part travelogue, and part cultural commentary, it offers a meditation on what the objects we surround ourselves with actually mean to us, and what happens when we set them free."

( February 2003)


Net Crimes & Misdemeanors
by J.A. Hitchcock

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Online disputes can too easily turn into harassment and Cyberstalking. If you ever find yourself being harassed online, get "Net Crimes & Misdemeanors," a book from Information Today. Author J.A. (Jayne) Hitchcock reveals how she was a victim of Cyberstalking that put her in serious danger and ultimately changed her life.

Jayne wrote this book to help others with similar problems and recounts some stories of people victimized online. She covers Cyberstalking, hoaxes, scams, online banking, adoption fraud, stolen identity and personal lives exposed.

Jayne has helped pass laws related to online harassment in six states, and she is president of WHOA (Working to Halt Online Abuse). In "Net Crimes & Misdemeanors," Jayne provides tips, strategies, and techniques that can be put to immediate use. She also points to the laws, organizations and Web resources that can aid victims and help them fight back. WHOA ( is an excellent starting place if you want to learn more about harassment.

( September 2002)


Caring for Your Family Treasures: Heritage Preservation
by Richard W. Long, et al

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So you've had Great-Grandma's old oil painting appraised (you're a devotee of Antiques Roadshow) and, to your amazement, it actually is worth a pretty penny. Now that you know it's valuable, you want to store it properly. But how? According to Caring for Your Family Treasures, paintings are best preserved by keeping them out of direct light in a comfortably heated room (72 degrees with 50 percent humidity is ideal) and by handling them very carefully. By following the preservation guidelines laid out in Caring for Your Family Treasures, you can keep your precious heirlooms safe for generations to come.

Hidden Treasures: Searching for Masterpieces of American Furniture
by Leigh Keno & Leslie Keno with Joan Barzilay Freund

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Leigh and Leslie Keno are twins with a single passion--the pursuit of American antiques. One (Leigh) is an antiques dealer in New York. The other (Leslie) is a director at Sotheby's, New York. Together with Joan Barzilay Freund--a New York-based freelance writer who specializes in American antiques--they tell tales of the hunt.


Price It Yourself!
by Joe L. Rosson and Helaine Fendelman

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Now the information once held by a select group of professional appraisers is available for all levels of collectors. With great wit and wisdom, Joe L. Rosson and Helaine Fendelman -- hosts of the popular television show Treasures in Your AtticTM, seen on PBS stations nationwide -- will help you identify, understand, and determine the potential value of any type of antique or collectible. Price It Yourself! not only explores all the basic concepts and skills that you must know in order to value an antique ACCURATELY, it is also filled with practice appraisals to help you develop an "eye" for value.


The Official eBay Bible
by Jim Griffith

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In this definitive resource, ultimate eBay insider Jim Griffith-also known as Griff-tells readers everything they need to know to become successful online buyers and sellers. In this indispensable manual-completely authorized by eBay and featuring the latest formats, screens, protocols, and etiquette-the eBay Guru of online auctions provides a comprehensive blueprint for:

o Navigating the Web site
o Placing a bid
o Putting items up for sale
o Setting up your own successful eBay business
o Tricks of the trade from successful eBay buyers and sellers
o Strategies for safe, secure, hassle-free eBay buying and selling
o Tips and shortcuts for even the most technologically challenged
o Case studies and success stories of people whose lives have been changed by eBay

Jim "Griff" Griffith became eBay's first customer support representative while working out of his own studio in West Rutland, Vermont. Within two years, he helped build a customer support team with over forty representatives across the U.S. In 1999 as manager of eBay Customer Support Training, he helped train nearly all of the 500 employees who now work at eBay's first official Customer Support Center in Utah. Today, he holds the unique position of "eBay Ambassador," traveling across the country and teaching eBay University seminars.


eBay Hacks
by David A. Karp

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Whether you're a newcomer or longtime user, eBay Hacks will teach you to become efficient as both a buyer and seller. You'll find a wide range of topics, from monitoring the bidding process, getting refunds, and fixing photos so that sale items look their best, to in-depth tips for running a business on eBay and writing scripts that automate some of the most tedious tasks. The book also gives you an inside look into the unique eBay community, where millions of people gather online to buy and sell. Author David Karp--an eBay user from the very beginning--teaches you how to work within this community to maximize your success.


Old Books, Rare Friends: Two Literary Sleuths and Their Shared Passion
by Leona G. Rostenberg, Madeleine B. Stern

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Leona Rostenberg and Madeleine Stern began their friendship and business partnership in the 1940s. This book explores their bookselling adventures, including unearthing Louisa May Alcott's pseudonymous blood-and-thunder stories. Now approaching their nineties, the duo remain a vibrant institution in the rare book trade, even as the Internet changes their field and their community forever.


Amazon Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools
by Paul Bausch

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Amazon Hacks is a collection of tips and tools for getting the most out of, whether you're an avid Amazon shopper, Amazon Associate developing your online storefront and honing your recommendations for better linking and more referral fees, seller listing your own products for sale on, or a programmer building your own application on the foundation provided by the rich Amazon Web Services API.

Shoppers will learn how to make the most of's deep functionality and become part of the Amazon community, maintain wishlists, tune recommendations, "share the love" with friends and family, etc. Amazon Associates will find tips for how best to list their titles, how to promote their offerings by fine tuning search criteria and related titles information, and even how to make their store fronts more attractive. And the real power users will use the Amazon API to build Amazon-enabled applications, create store fronts and populate them with items to be picked, packed and shipped by Amazon. And just about anyone can become a seller on, listing items, deciding on pricing, and fulfilling orders for products new and used.


eBay Business the Smart Way: Maximize Your Profits on the Web's #1 Auction Site
by Joseph T. Sinclair

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Online auction sales have grown exponentially in each of the last several years, and the undisputed industry champion is eBay, which commands nearly 90% of all online auction business. Selling merchandise on eBay is so simple and profitable that the marketplace has become as fiercely competitive as it is crowded. Whether just starting out or hoping to achieve greater success, online sellers need a solid business strategy to outrun their rivals. EBay Business the Smart Way is the answer, covering topics like:

* Startup * licenses * building credibility * accounting * inventory management * shipping * finding products to sell * creating a storefront website * Taxes * liability * saving expenses by buying business supplies on eBay, and hundreds of other crucial issues, from how to market your products and your business to hiring employees -- or getting assistance without hiring!

These books offered for sale on other websites. Steiner Associates, LLC and EcommerceBytes receives a
percentage of the sales proceeds from any purchases readers make.