EcommerceBytes readers are multi-channel online retailers who account for over $5.5 Billion in annual GMV

6 Hundred Thousand Monthly Visitors, 6 Million page views

You need to justify every cent you spend on marketing. If you want to reach online merchants of all sizes, there is no smarter place to advertise than EcommerceBytes. Reach your audience with EcommerceBytes in two ways:

EcommerceBytes Newsletters

  • EcommerceBytes' two email newsletters have a larger audience (60,000+ unique subscribers) than any other publication in this industry. 
  • EcommerceBytes newsletters have industry-leading open and click thru rates at 42% and 45% respectively.
  • Our opt-in subscriber list is pristine, with less than .01% bounce rate.

You could advertise your service in an industry publication that has fewer subscribers, and pay much more. You could be one of several ads within an email newsletter, competing with other services - in EcommerceBytes newsletters, you are the sole sponsor.

EcommerceBytes Web Site

Our web site burns over 6 million banner impressions monthly. Because many of our readers come to the site through search engines, feeds, social media and other channels, we recommend advertisers reinforce their message with banner advertising.

Our newsletter campaigns include 125x300 banner rotation on our site. We offer 728x90, 120x600 banners as well as exclusive interstitial campaigns. Why take your ad spend to a place that charges over 3x our banner rates?

EcommerceBytes demographics

The reason that our readership is so loyal and EcommerceBytes sponsorships are so effective is because our subscribers know that they are receiving original content that will help them in their business. Our readers look forward to reading EcommerceBytes, and they know each and every article contains high quality, original content, not advertorials masquerading as content. And because our readers expect the best from us, we vet our sponsors carefully.

Does this sound cocky? You bet. We've been doing this longer than any of our competitors - and we do it better. We reach more online sellers than any other industry trade publication.

We accept fewer than 50% of the advertisers who inquire, and yet we sell out year after year. We don't want your advertising if we believe it won't be of interest to our readers. And those services that do make the cut? Ask them. They're all over our site, and have been for years.

  • Effectiveness. When you advertise with EcommerceBytes, we'll work directly with you to craft your message so that it resonates with our readers.
  • Flexibility. Change out your banner as often as you'd like during your campaigns, to coincide with your promotions, webinars and other events. We can change out your creative within 24 hours.
  • Accountability. We provide real-time banner reporting that you can access from your personal administration page.

What won't we do?

  • We won't send emails to our readers on your behalf.
  • We won't accept money to write an advertorial and present it to our readers.
  • We won't target a segment of our subscribers to present your advertisement.
  • We won't participate in your company's affiliate marketing program

What will we do?

  • We will put your service in front of a highly-targeted audience of online merchants interested in services which will enhance their businesses.

Shop around and compare our rates and reach with other publications. We're confident you'll get more for your advertising dollars right here. Contact me via email at or give me a call at 508-655-5697.

We look forward to working with you.
David Steiner

EcommerceBytes publishes two email newsletters covering ecommerce, online payment services, Internet marketing and online-auction industry issues. The EcommerceBytes web site is stocked with resources and archived articles that keep over 600,000 monthly site visitors informed and educated.

You can reach active, engaged internet retailers through advertisements on the EcommerceBytes website and in the EcommerceBytes newsletters:

  • EcommerceBytes Newsflash (EBN): a 3x weekly email newsletter reaching 33,000+ opt-in subscribers, containing the latest breaking industry news. Each issue of the EcommerceBytes Newsflash newsletter contains one exclusive sponsor.
  • EcommerceBytes-Update (EBU): a twice-monthly email newsletter, reaching 30,000+ opt-in subscribers . It contains practical information about ecommerce along with advice on how to become more profitable.
EcommerceBytes Newsletter rates
EcommerceBytes receives over six hundred thousand visitors and generates six million pages views monthly. All 728x90 and 120x600 banners rotate on EcommerceBytes and, our multi-channel seller directory!

Ecommerce banner placement and rates

728x90 Leaderboard Banner - $9/CPM

Banner runs through main site, blogs, forums and features pages. Global click-thru rate is .52%

120x600 Large Tower Banner - $9/CPM.
Banner runs through main site, blogs, forums and features pages. Global click-thru rate is .50%
125x300 Small Tower Banner - Included in newsletter campaigns.
Banner runs through main site, blogs, and features pages. Global click-thru rate is .42%

Exclusive Full Page Interstitials. Inquire.

To reserve your spot in EcommerceBytes, contact:
David Steiner
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