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Second Hand Rose - Antiques Primer, Vintage Clothing

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"A Fortune in the Junk Pile - A Guide to Valuable Antiques that May Be Hidden in Attic or Cellar" by Dorothy H. Jenkins is a very good guide to antiques. I picked up a first edition 1963 copy at a yard sale for $1. You won't find Fiesta ware or Hull or McCoy in this edition (too old), but you will find things like carnival glass. A very handy chart explains furniture periods (Jacobean, Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, for example. All names I've heard of but, what were the years, and what distinguished the styles?) An excellent primer for a bargain price (look for this out-of-print book on online auction sites and Amazon's zShops).

*** Check out this vintage clothing site, What Comes Around Goes Around ( Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser opened the retail store in Soho, New York, in 1992 and went online four years ago.

What Goes Around Comes Around also buys clothing - in particular they are looking for Patagonia, Polo button dress shirts and Gloverall duffel coats. Cool item that is a must-have: 1970's women's tennis skirt, polyester, $30!

And if you like this site, try

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