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Hull Pottery

By Pam Fowler

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The Hull Pottery legacy began in 1905 in Crooksville, Ohio. Hull started by producing common stoneware, semi-porcelain dinnerware and decorative tile. By the 40's and 50's, their high quality pastel matte lines, art and novelty designs surpassed all others with their style and glaze treatments. During the 60's, 70's and 80's, Hull focused on casual dinnerware and the immense floristware line.

Since the closing of the plant in 1985, Hull Pottery has joined the top ranks of collectability with its legendary style and grace. The demand for and value of Hull Pottery is ever changing. The beautiful floral matte artware will forever be longed for, but the popularity of the novelty and Corky Pig banks has added a new aspect for Hull collectors.

For outstanding information about Hull Pottery see The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Hull Pottery by Brenda Roberts. For club information, write to:

The Hull Pottery Association
13199 Rambo Rd.
Crooksville, Ohio 43731.

Also, be sure and check out Potterynut's Web site dedicated to Hull: It is a wonderful site with history and tons of information!

About the author:

Pam Fowler writes about Hull Pottery. Her obsession with Hull began innocently when she inherited a few pieces from her Mom. Pam enjoys hunting for Hull with her husband Marc and 3-year-old daughter Jessica. She can be found on eBay lurking in the eBay pottery chat room as "hullhog." eBay ID: Hullhog

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