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eBay Warns It's Testing New Features

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eBay confirmed what AuctionBytes Blog editor Julia Wilkinson reported yesterday - eBay is testing a new design for eBay Stores, as well as running other tests on the site. A reader also reported seeing banner ads on her Store.

In a surprisingly short title on its Announcement Board, eBay asked Monday, "Seeing something different?"

"In the coming weeks, as part of our on-going tests of new and better ways to buy and sell on eBay, you may run across some new features, including the look and feel for eBay Stores pages and inspiring collections of merchandise on the homepage. As with most tests, these will be limited to a small number of randomly selected users so it'ís possible to see them sometimes but not always. If you have an eBay Store, rest assured the testing will not impact the visibility of your items - except to make them more prominent and attractive for any buyers in the test."

The timing of the tests is surprising given that sellers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season and a Store redesign was not announced as being part of eBay's Fall Seller Release.

One weary seller wrote in the AuctionBytes Blog post comments, "Why on earth are they ALWAYS changing for the sake of change? Nothing that they do increases our bottom line. In fact, every change that they have made this year has hurt our business."

Another opined, "Changing the store design won't fix the search.... sales are down 60% from last August."

Yet another injected a sense of humor by writing, "Sounds like JD had another one of his "thinking days"."

A reader wrote to EcommerceBytes, "I'm getting banner ads at the bottom of my eBay store site. Was wondering if you knew of a new eBay policy. They certainly are very annoying when you are a store owner paying to be on eBay!"

Report any tests you observe (screenshots welcome), and leave a comment on the AuctionBytes Blog.

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