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Etsy Rolls Out New Seller Feature to Keep Shops Up to Date

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Etsy rolled out a new feature for sellers that allows them to search their shops directly from their active listings page, and which is designed to help sellers keep their shops up-to-date. Shop owners can now search their listings by keyword, and from there, they can edit their prices and quantities, make listings featured, and even renew or deactivate them, all from one page.

Sellers reacted positively to the new shop-search feature, and said they'd also find it useful to be able to search sold-out items, expired and inactive listings as well. "Very cool! This is going to save me a ton of time-Thanks Etsy," was a typical response.

One seller pointed out that a third-party tool called Betsi allows Etsy sellers to search all status of listings - active, inactive, expired, draft and sold out, and listed other features of the tool.

Yet another seller said they'd like to see Etsy display the number of views in their listings page. "How great would it be to see that info there!!!"

And another Etsy seller wrote, "Another vote here for search in sold and expired items, and also for views in the listings. knowing if anyone is looking would help me determine if i want to renew or not. Otherwise, good job! I'm sure I'll be using it :)

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