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Etsy Launches Brand New Product Listing Page

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Etsy launched a new product listing page designed to be easier to navigate with more "personality." Etsy sellers won't need to update their product listing pages, but the marketplace provided tips for sellers to "take full advantage of the features" in order to get the most out of the new design.

Etsy is providing sellers with a preview feature. Buyers won't have access to the preview and won't see the new listing page redesign until August 6, 2013.

Etsy said months of testing design iterations helped it create a new version that performs better than the current one. "Visitors are more likely to make a purchase, add shops to their Favorites, and browse more listings! Shoppers who start on this new listing page are also less likely to leave immediately and more likely to spend extra time in your shop and discover an item they love."

One feature sellers are bound to like: Etsy said the new design shows more of their other items. "Your items are highlighted in new sections at the top and right side of the page. We've seen these new modules drive more listing views within shops."

As a result, Etsy recommends sellers "stock up," explaining that having at least three listings in their shop increases shoppers' opportunities to find what they're looking for - and it gives sellers the opportunity to sell multiple items to one customer.

Another feature makes certain listing details more prominent: "Give your shoppers important details upfront like item type, shipping location, materials, and feedback ratings." As part of the redesigned section, Etsy explains that a new "Ask a Question" button clarifies how to contact the shop owner for more information, which should make the seller-marketplace relationship clearer to new Etsy shoppers.

Etsy explains the redesigned photo section of listings: "Item photos are displayed beautifully in a new viewer that draws attention to the details of your product. Shoppers can zoom, and scroll to the left or right to admire each image."

Etsy also copied a feature from eBay by creating tabbed sections on the listing page. "Item description, feedback, and shipping & policies are now conveniently organized in neat tabs so shoppers can easily find all the information they need. We've seen that visitors are leaving less and adding to cart more."

However, shipping costs and payment information are now behind the tabbed section, an unwelcome change according to some sellers.

At the bottom of the listing page, Etsy shows a picture with a link to the seller's profile: "Your About Page is now prominently shown so shoppers can learn about you and your business. We want shoppers to know independent, creative business owners like you are what makes Etsy's marketplace so unique." Important: In order for their About Page to show up on their listing pages, sellers must make sure they checked off the box for "Owner" under the "Role" section of Shop Members.

One Etsy seller wrote of the redesign:

"I like it, especially that the policies are easily accessible and the item overview is very visible. Things I'm not crazy about; my face doesn't need to be on every listing. The avatar would be better. Maybe I'm just being shy but no one needs to look at me that much! I'm also not crazy about the bar at the top that features the most recently added items...I tend to add things in batches, and I don't want to mislead customers into thinking all I sell is scarves when I really have a better selection than that. But overall I'm alright with the change."

Another seller wrote:

"I really like the changes. They are generally positive. I have a few bones to pick though:

1) Fonts: Title font bunches letters too close together and is more difficult to read. Description font: it is difficult to read. Etsy I think you have to rethink the font and its color in terms of accessibility.
2) As many sellers (and buyers) pointed out you now have to click a tab to see shipping rates.
3) Now feedback is too prominent (in two separate places on the page) and is placed even before shipping rates tab!
4) The tags, necessary as they are, should not be so prominent or blue (associated with a link) otherwise they may take the shopper out of the shop.
5) The thumbnails at the bottom of the main picture are a bit too small.
6) I don't like the fact that sections are no longer available on the listing page.

"Other than that I'm happy with the changes and I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating."

Etsy explained that with the redesign, "It's now more clear that items on Etsy come from unique shops run by real people," and noted that the Ask a Question button "invites buyers to contact you with any questions about your item." See the Etsy announcement and take a tour of the new page.

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