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New eBay App Offers 20 3D Items from Just Three Sellers

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eBay is offering items from just three companies in its new mobile app. eBay Exact is an iPhone app that offers about 20 items from three sellers of 3D printed goods.

The three sellers are New York-based MakerBot, France-based Sculpteo and Canada-based Hot Pop Factory.

eBay explains that the items cost anywhere from $9 for a plastic iPhone case to $350 for a metal ring, and are shipped directly from each 3D printer's facilities.

Makers of 3D-printed items are already selling their wares online, on marketplaces like Shapeways as well as on more traditional marketplaces such as Etsy - and of course eBay itself.

eBay Exact allows users to order products directly from the sellers on the app, pay with PayPal, and receive the item within 7 to 14 business days. In its blog post announcing the mobile app, eBay doesn't explain exactly why it partnered with these three companies and launched such a narrow app, nor did it say why the app excludes 3D-printed items for sale on its own eBay marketplace.

Steve Yankovich, Vice President of Innovation and New Ventures for eBay, was quoted, "Shoppers today not only want to buy items anytime, anywhere through mobile devices, but they also want to be able to personalize their purchases. eBay Exact brings these two desires into one shopping experience."

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