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Etsy Adds International Shipping Labels

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Etsy announced the launch of USPS International Shipping Labels. However, shipping labels, including International, are only available to sellers who offer Direct Checkout.

Etsy said it would gradually release the international shipping labels feature and would become available to all U.S. sellers currently enrolled in Shipping Labels within the next few weeks. Supported are USPS First Class, Priority and Express Mail shipments originating from the U.S.

The process is the same as domestic labels, except that sellers must supply the weight of each item in addition to the overall package weight. Etsy then pre-fills the Customs Form with the item title, weight and quantity.

Etsy said it does not offer insurance for international shipments but hopes to offer it soon.

Etsy sellers who don't use Direct Checkout said they wished the company would make shipping labels available to them as well. With Direct Checkout, Etsy process payments from buyers on behalf of sellers - Etsy then deposits payments into the seller's bank account.

Etsy said Direct Checkout and Shipping Labels were both components of its commerce infrastructure. "They share functionality pertaining to fraud prevention and risk management. We can't offer these features without robust fraud detection and prevention tools, so we are currently only able to offer Shipping Labels if you accept Direct Checkout."

However, Etsy left the door open to making the feature available to sellers not using Direct Checkout in the future, writing, "We do understand that some of you would prefer to offer Shipping Labels without accepting Direct Checkout payments. We are evaluating this option and we may offer it in the future."

Charges for Shipping Labels are currently posted to sellers' Etsy Bill, which must be good standing to purchase postage. "We're working on other ways to pay for postage without requiring extra steps when you want to fulfill your orders. Soon, you'll be able to pay for some postage directly from your Seller Payment Account. We'll have more details on this feature (and others as well) in the coming weeks."

More information is available on the Etsy boards.

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