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Viewers Can Shop eBay Merchandise on iPad while Watching Olympics

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eBay's app that lets couch potatoes buy merchandise while watching TV can now get purchase Olympics merchandise while watching the summer games. eBay's interactive app for the Apple iPad called "Watch with eBay" has a special, interactive summer games section, "so you can browse and shop for merchandise and memorabilia from your favorite athletes while watching them go for the gold."

Watch with eBay lets iPad users browse merchandise specific to the sport that's on their TV screen. The iPad app, first introduced in November 2011, syncs with TVs and shows program-specific, in-context items.

The app's "Shop Like a Star" feature shows users what celebrities are shopping for on eBay and combines celebrity experiences, memorabilia and merchandise with philanthropic causes. eBay curates shopping results related to the celebrity picks and provides the option to donate to a benefiting charity at checkout. Some celebrities provide original content and participate on message boards.

The top five "shopped" shows in June on Watch with eBay were: The Mentalist, U.S. Olympic Trials, The Big Bang Theory, America's Got Talent, Two and a Half Men.

Meanwhile, eBay UK warned sellers not to sell Olympic tickets, travel passes, or official Olympic uniforms and equipment, for the duration of the London 2012 Olympics and the London 2012 Paralympics.

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